CMC opposes Lotus Tower musical show named ‘Hellfire’

Colombo Municipal Council (CMC) allowed the Hellfire Music Festival to go ahead at Lotus Tower today with the new name “ Fire’ the Colombo Municipal council (CMC) said today.

The name has been changed following the conditional permission given by the Municipal Commissioner Badrani Jayawardene.

The organizers were asked to shelve the name “Hellfire” as it said to be the name of a Satanic cult.

Municipal Commissioner Badrani Jayawardene in a letter addressed to organizers of the show on the advice of Mayor Rosy Senanayake, had informed them that the name of the show should be changed and it should be held without disrespecting any religion or any form of worship that is accepted and practiced in Sri Lanka.

The Commissioner had advised the organizers to obtain permission from the relevant institutions if liquor is to be sold during the festival while nothing could be done which will have ill effects to the Sri Lankan society.

According to the Commissioner , CMC officers have checked the venue of the show last morning and have found out that changes have been made.

Christian Youth League which staged a protest on Thursday urged the relevant authorities that the objective of the musical show is to promote a satanic cult  a devil worshiping cult) and to ban all such cults in Sri Lanka.(Yohan Perera)

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