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Aries (Mesha):

Enhanced living comforts, higher status and success in all your endeavours are held out by Venus in your 8th House. Mars in your 7th House has turned favourable due to the association with Jupiter already placed in it holding out marital happiness, peace and harmony in the family, good health, a happy time at the workplace and cordial relations with relatives.   Sun in your 8th House indicates heavy expenditure.  Now you are relieved of the malefic period – Ashtamaya Shani Erashtaka you have been going through. Generally trouble-free happier time is ahead for you.


Taurus (Vrushabha):

Sun in your 7th House indicates ill health, loss of wealth and fruitless journeys while Venus in it could cause disharmony and dissention in the family. However, Mars now in your 6th House indicates power and influence and a whip- hand over rivals. Jupiter associated with Mars signifies high expenses, ill health and losses due to enemies and thieves. Given the malefic influence of Saturn now in the 8th House you are advised to safeguard your health and income sources in particular.    


Gemini (Mithuna):

An unfavourable time is ahead for natives running the Rahu Maha Dasa. Health and financial problems are indicated in the short run by Venus in your 6th House. Anxiety and anguish and physical discomforts are held out by Mercury already in your 7th House.  The Sun transiting in your 6th House holds out power and influence as well as a rise in the career if Dasas are favourable.  Jupiter conjunct with Mars in the 5th House assures a favourable time marked by happy family reunions, festivities, matrimonial prospects and success in educational pursuits.


Cancer (Kataka):

Pleasures and comforts are indicated by Venus in your 5th House. However, the Sun in this House indicates poor health and high expenses. Mental unrest and problems related to lands and property are indicated by Mars conjunct with Jupiter in your 4th House. Mercury in your 6th House signifies an increased income, good health and a happy time at your workplace. Saturn in your 6th House can give you monetary gains, career success and invincibility.


 Leo (Sinha):

Success in studies, happiness and pleasures and comforts are in store due to the favourable influence of Venus in your 4th House.  Mars conjunct Jupiter in your 3rd House can bring you success in your endeavors. Mercury in your 5th House indicates time ahead unfavourable for trading on the stock exchange. Digestive problems may trouble you due to the Sun in your 4th House.  You are advised to pay greater attention to the security and safety of your children given the adverse influence of Saturn in your 5th House.


Virgo (Kanya):

Gainful travels and cordial relations with brothers and peers on the cards due to a favourable Venus in your 3rd House.  A good income, success in educational pursuits and peace of mind are held out by Mercury in your 4th House.  A happy time at work, good health and the ability to take bold decisions are indicated by the Sun in your 3rd House.  Saturn now in your 4th House being the lord of the 5th House could bring you benefits if Saturn was strong at your birth too. Otherwise, you have to brace for health problems, financial losses, disputes and problems relating to land, vehicles and other property in the long run.


Libra (Thula):

Venus conjunct with the Sun in the 2nd house assures a happy family life. Disputes with relatives and brothers and heavy expenditure are indicated by Mercury in your 3rd House.  Jupiter in the 12th House signifies a bad time for distant journeys and foreign travel. Mars conjunct with Jupiter may add to your woes causing circumstances that could bring disrepute and humiliation to you. However, Saturn already in your 3rd House assures in the long run the restoration of practically everything precious you have lost in the past-  career, status and wealth. 


Scorpio (Vrushika):

 Venus conjunct with the Sun in the Lagna indicates a generally favourable time ahead.  A happy family life and increased income are indicated by Mercury in the 2nd House. The Shani Erashtaka continues in its final phase despite Saturn leaving your Lagna for the 2nd House. Jupiter  continuing transit in the 11th House assures you of high status, honours, increased wealth, a rise in career and happiness in the family. You have to watch your personal safety and reputation due to the unfavourable Mars – Jupiter combination in your 12th House.


Sagittarius (Dhanu):

A generally happy and prosperous time ahead due to the favourable Mars – Jupiter combination in the 11th House.  The Sun with Venus in your 12th House signifies heavy expenditure, illness, loss of status and impediments to your plans. With Saturn now back in your Lagna you are technically under the Shani Erashtaka, a period when you have to act with patience, foresight and circumspect.


Capricorn (Makara):

Wealth, health, high status and a good social time are held out by Venus in the 11th House.  Mars in your 10th House assures career success among other benefits.  A happy time at work, higher status and an increase in income are already held out by the Sun in your 11th House.    Saturn in your 12th House could cause the loss of life’s earnings. Time is not opportune for foreign travel either. Saturn being the Lagnadhipati the adverse influence will be minimal. 


Aquarius (Kumbha):

Venus in your 10th House could cause disgrace and humiliation. Financial gains and higher returns from investments are on the cards with a favourable Mercury in your 11th House. The Sun in your 10th House raises the prospect of a rise in your career and even gainful foreign travel.  Saturn in your 11th House can bring you sound health, job satisfaction and general prosperity.  Jupiter in the 9th House holds out gainful foreign travel, financial gains, high profits from business and general prosperity and generally a happy time. 


Pisces (Meena):

Venus powerful in the 9th House can bestow on your wealth, health and fame in a greater measure.  Mercury in your 10th House also holds out a favourable time when whatever endeavour you embark on would succeed. However, the Sun in your 9th House holds out a series of bad effects such as humiliation, worries and a sharp dip in your income.  Mars conjunct with Jupiter in the 8th House could become a threat to your personal safety while you may suffer from ill health due to the adverse influence of Jupiter.

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