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Aries (Mesha):

You are warned that the Sun due in your 8th House on Nov: 16 signifies illness and heavy expenditure.  Now you are relieved of the malefic period – Ashtamaya Shani Erashtaka you have been going through. Mars in your 6th House continues to give a whip hand over enemies and rivals, financial gains and higher status. Venus in your 7th House holds out happiness and prosperity in addition to marital happiness, good health, a happy time at the workplace and cordial relations with friends and relatives being held out Jupiter already posited in the same House.


Taurus (Vrushabha):

The Sun due in your 7th House shortly indicates developments that could mar your marital happiness. Mercury already in this House signifies a bad time for you both mentally and physically. Given Saturn’s malefic influence causing from the your 8th House you are advised to safeguard your health and income sources in particular. Venus in your 6th House   produces the beneficial effects such as a buoyant spirit and moral integrity. Sun in the 6th House greatly strengthens that House to bring you power over rivals, success at contests and competitions and an increased income.     


Gemini (Mithuna):

The Sun due to begin transit in your 6th House from Nov: 16 holds out power and influence as well as an increased income and even a rise in the career if Dasas are favourable.  Lagnadhipati Mercury in the same indicates a good income, good health and cordial relations with relatives. Venus in your 5th House has made it very strong.   Jupiter already in this House assures a favourable time marked by happy family reunions, festivities, matrimonial prospects and success in educational pursuits. Mars in the 4th House could cause you anxiety and tensions if you are running unfavourable Dasas.


Cancer (Kataka):

 The Sun due in your 5th House shortly signifies health and monetary problems. Mercury already in the same House is not favourable for trading in stocks and shares or making decisions based on speculation either. Venus in your 4th House holds out enhanced living comforts and a generally happy time. Saturn in your 6th House can give you monetary gains, career success and invincibility. Mars in your 3rd House can bring you courage and confidence as well as power and influence.  Rahu in the Lagna can give you fame but push you towards taking hasty decisions and hasty actions.


 Leo (Sinha):

Digestive problems may trouble you when the Sun enters your 4th House shortly. However, living comforts, a good time for studies and happiness and harmony in the family are held out by Mercury already transiting in this House.  You are advised to pay greater attention to the security and safety of your children given the adverse influence of Saturn in your 5th House. It can also cause disputes with the spouse and business partners.  Venus in your 3rd House holds out career success, financial stability and joyous short journeys. Mars in your 2nd House can make you rude and discourteous


Virgo (Kanya):

 A happy time at work, good health and the ability to take bold decisions are held out by the Sun due in your 3rd House shortly.  Saturn now in your 4th House being the lord of the 5th House could bring you benefits if Saturn was strong at your birth too. Otherwise, you have to brace for health problems, financial losses, disputes and problems relating to land, vehicles and other property in the long run.  Venus in your 2nd House associated with both Sun and Jupiter assures you of marital happiness and an increased income.  Meanwhile, Jupiter already in your 2nd House assures wealth, an increased income and a generally favourable of state of affairs in all areas of life.


Libra (Thula):

 Eye problems, a drain of your financial resources and disharmony in the family likely to trouble you with the exit of the Sun from your Lagna for the 2nd House. However, highly favourable Lagnadhipati Venus continuing transit in your Lagna will mitigate such ill-effects to a great extent.  Saturn already in your 3rd House assures the restoration of practically everything precious you have lost in the past-  career, status and wealth. However, you have to act with caution and circumspect in regard to all matters as Mars in your 12th House is a threat to your personal safety and your reputation. 


Scorpio (Vrushika):

 You have to brace for fruitless travels, poor health and financial losses when the Sun enters your Lagna shortly.  Venus in your 12th House with Moolatrikona strength is very auspicious for it will imbue with a keen perception, a positive outlook and an altruistic bent. The Erashtaka continues in its final phase despite Saturn leaving your Lagna for the 2nd House. A trying period that calls for your inner strength is ahead. Mars already in the 11th House assures you of high status, honours, increased wealth, a rise in career and happiness in the family


Sagittarius (Dhanu):

A happy time at work, higher status and an increase in income are held out by the Sun due in your 11th House shortly.  Your 10th House has gained immense strength from Swakshetra Venus entering it to generate the effects of Amala and Malavya Yogas envisaging a very favourable time ahead.  Saturn in your 12th House could cause the loss of life’s earnings. Time is not opportune for foreign travel either. However, Saturn being your Lagnadhipati the impact of the Erashtaka will be very mild. 


Capricorn (Makara):

Your 10th House will gain immense strength when Swakshetra Venus enters it to generate the effects of Amala and Malavya Yogas assuring you of a very favourable time ahead.  Saturn in your 12th House could cause the loss of life’s earnings. Time is not opportune for foreign travel either. However, Saturn being your Lagnadhipati the impact of the Erashtaka will be very mild. In the short run, your 10th House or Karmasthana strong with Sun posited in it raises the prospect of a higher rank or a promotion for natives running favourable Dasas. 


Aquarius (Kumbha):

The Sun due in your 10th House shortly raises the prospect of a rise in your career and even gainful foreign travel.  Meanwhile, Venus and Jupiter in your 9th Bhagyasthana assures you of a very favourable time ahead. Saturn in your 11th House can bring you sound health, job satisfaction and general prosperity.  The Sun conjunct with Jupiter in the 9th House holds out gainful foreign travel, financial gains, high profits from business and general prosperity and generally a happy time. However, you have to develop a keener awareness of the need for personal safety and security in view of Mars in your 8th House.  


Pisces (Meena):

  The Sun due in your 9th House shortly could give rise to a series of bad effects such as humiliation, worries and a sharp dip in your income.  Saturn now in your 10th House could adversely affect your career and create problems for you at your workplace.  However, Venus -  Jupiter combination in the 8th House, a redeeming feature, can bring a host of benefits such as comforts, pleasures, increased gains from whatever economic activity you are engaged in and even robust health. Mars in your 7th House is not favourable in that it can mar your marital happiness and even cause harm to your spouse.   

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