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Aries (Mesha):  

You will become prone to ear and eye problems when the Sun moves into your 2nd House on May 15.  Meanwhile, Mercury in your 1st House makes you vulnerable to headache, sore throat and tonsillitis. Lagnadhipati Mars exalted in your 10th House holds out success in enterprises that require bold decisions and even a rise in career is likely for natives running a Dasa of Mars. Monetary gains, sound health and cord8ial relations with siblings and relatives are indicated by Venus about to enter your 3rd House.  Jupiter in the 7th House continues to hold out marital happiness and matrimonial prospects for eligible maidens and bachelors. 


Taurus (Vrushabha) 

The Sun due shortly in your Lagna signifies a possible rise in blood pressure and proneness to heart disease. Mercury in your 12th House indicates the possibility of increased expenses, impediments to your routine activity and attempts by enemies to bring you into disrepute. You can look forward to higher status, general prosperity and even gainful foreign travel with a strong Mars in your 9th House. Marital happiness, peace and harmony in the family, family reunions and financial gains are indicated by Lagnadhipati Venus due in your 2nd House. 


Gemini (Mithuna):  

Brace yourself for heavy expenses and generally for more losses than gains due to the Sun about to move into your 12th House.  However, Venus due in the Lagna shortly, a redeeming feature, assures monetary gains and a happy time in the family. Exalted Mars in your 8th House can bring you business success.  Going by the current planetary positions, you can look forward to a happy time at work, perhaps and a rise in income with Lagnadhipati Mercury favorably posited in the 11th House. A favourable time is on for studies. Investments in shares and stocks will bring good returns. 


Cancer (Kataka) 

The Sun due in the 11th House holds out fame and honor and an increase in income. Mercury in the 10th House generally happy and prosperous time.  Mars in the 7th House produces the effects of Ruchaka Yoga which can bring you honors and achievements in foreign lands and even a rise in career. You can look forward to financial security, relief from debts and success in all your endeavors. Meanwhile, your popularity and reputation will increase.  You are advised to steer clear of litigation and transactions related to lands.  


Leo (Sinha):   

Time ahead is very favourable with Lagnadhipati Sun due to be powerfully placed in your 10th House shortly. You can look forward to gains from your economic activity or from your career. Political high office, success in contests and competitions and a whip hand over enemies and rivals are on the cards with a very favorable Mars in the 6th House to produce the effects of Harsha Yoga. Venus due to move into your 11th House shortly assures a socially and financially happy time. 


 Virgo (Kanya):   

Worries and health problems are indicated by the Sun due in your 9th House shortly. Meanwhile, attempts to bring into disrepute are a possibility with Venus about to enter the 10th House.  Lagnadhipati Mercury in the 8th House indicates a period of financial stability ahead.  Enhanced living comforts as well as respect from society and popularity are in the offing. Honors and recognition in sports, in martial sports and time of fun and merry-making ahead with a powerful Mars in the 5th House.   Time ahead is very favorable for natives seeking executive positions in financial institutions and jobs in the technological and scientific sectors.  


Libra (Thula): 

Heavy expenses and illness are indicated by the Sun due in the 8th House.  Mercury in the 7th House has  turned  favourable due to the direct aspect of Jupiter. Mars in the 4th House to produce effects of Ruchaka Yoga holds out a host of benefits such as success in contests and competitions, enhanced living comforts, cordial relations with relatives and acquisition of lands, property and vehicles.  With Lagnadhipati Venus about to move into the 9th House you can look forward to enhanced living comforts and general prosperity. 


Scorpio (Vrushika):  

Comforts and luxuries and a happy time is held out Venus due shortly in the 8th House.  Marital prospects for eligible maidens and bachelors are very bright. Mercury in the 6th House holds out good health, cordial relations with peers and superiors and an increased income.  Lagnadhipati Mars exalted in the 3rd House brings you power, high office and authority. You are advised to be your guard to avoid disputes and conflicts with your spouse and business partners. 


Sagittarius (Dhanu):    

The Sun due in your 6th House on May 15 holds out power, influence and authority and a whip hand over rivals. However, the period ahead is not favourable for trading on stocks and shares or engaging in any speculation-related business for that matter, given the retrograde Mercury due in your 5th House.  A highly favorable Mars due in the 2nd House can bring a sharp increase income and peace and happiness in the family.  Financial stability and a high position are assured by favorable Jupiter in the 11th House. 


Capricorn (Makara):  

Financial problems, worries and illness are likely to trouble you when the Sun moves into your 5th House shortly. Success in educational pursuits, enhanced living comforts and happiness in the family are held out by Mercury in the 4th House. Mars exalted in the Lagna imbues you with courage and confidence and drive and dynamism and will bring a generally favorable time.  Now you are going through the first phase of the Lagna Shani Erashtaka due to Saturn being placed in the 12th House.  


Aquarius (Kumbha):   

Digestive problems, disharmony in the family and anxieties and worries are on the cards due to the Sun due in your 4th House. Disputes and misunderstandings with relatives and co-workers are a strong possibility due to the adverse effects of Mercury in the 3rd house.  Mars favorably placed with exalted status in the 12th House generating the effects of Vimala Yoga imbues you with a positive outlook, a keen perception and acumen and keeps you away from sinful acts. 


Pisces (Meena):  

Higher status, sound health and increased wealth are in the offing with a powerful Sun about to be placed in the 3rd House. A happy time in the family and increased income are held out by Mercury in the 2nd House. A powerful Mars in the 11th House will bring you wealth and business success. Venus now placed in your 3rd House holds out a good time professionally and financially.  You will have cordial relations with your siblings and relations.  Saturn continuing transit in your 10th House imbues you with much resilience and holds out a very productive time with good returns from whatever investment you make.  


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