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January 27 Saturday to february 02 Friday


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Aries (Mesha):

 Mercury due in the 10th House on Jan: 28 where the Sun is already placed assuring bright career prospects and a happier time at work will bring you monetary gains and success in all endeavors. Lagnadhipati Mars Swakshetra in the 8th House assures you of the benefits such as increased wealth, happiness and longevity. However, you are advised to avoid risk-involved activity.  Opportunities for foreign travel for academic purposes are likely for those in appropriate circumstances.   Time is not favourable for buying or selling lands and other property.  Jupiter in the 7th House assures you of the delightful company of friend’s relatives and cordial relations with all.    


Taurus (Vrushabha):

Worries and heavy expenses are likely when Mercury moves in your 9th House on January 28.  Poor health and the possibility of incurring debts are indicated by an unfavourable Jupiter in the 6th House. However, Lagnadhipati Venus powerfully posited in the 9th House holding out wealth, health and happiness. Success in educational pursuits too are on the cards.  With Mars gaining Swakshetra in the 7th House, even honours and achievements in foreign lands are possible if you are in appropriate circumstances.      


Gemini (Mithuna):

A rise in status and popularity and financial stability are held out by Mercury due in your 8th House on Jan: 28 where a strongly placed Venus assures comforts and luxuries, sound health, and relief from worries and miseries.  However, watch out for financial losses due to thefts and unforeseen circumstances.  Mars in your 6th House is highly favourable. You will win over enemies and gain respect and honour in the society. Success at exams and competitions are also indicated. Jupiter in the 5th House signifies financial gains, happiness from children and marital prospects for bachelors and maidens.  


Cancer (Kataka):

In view of the total Lunar Eclipse due to take place beginning 16.41 hours (Colombo time) on Jan: 31, natives are advised not to fix any important event in life for Jan: 31 and for three days ahead and three days after this celestial event which means for a duration of seven days. Prospects of marital problems and domestic troubles are raised by the Sun -  Venue – Mercury -Ketu combination in your 7th House. Time is not opportune to go into partnerships either. You are advised to stay away from litigation and property-related issues and transactions.


 Leo (Sinha):

Mercury due in the 6th House on Jan: 28 signifies a good income, a good income and cordial relations with colleagues at the workplace. Meanwhile, the Sun strong in the same House holds out a whip hand over enemies and rivals and resourcefulness to overcome obstacles. You may achieve success in litigation in matters related to lands and other property. You are also likely to find yourself in a position to meet challenges with energy and courage and self-confidence thanks to powerful Mars in the 4th House giving rise to effects of Ruchaka Yoga. Honours and recognition are in store for those engaged in the fields of arts and literature. 


Virgo (Kanya):

Lagnadhipati Mercury due in the 5th House on Jan:28 indicates a time unfavourable for trading on stocks and shares.  Mars in your 3rd House signifies the ability to act with much courage and self-confidence as well as financial gains and short gainful journeys.  A rise in career and higher status are in store for natives running Rahu Maha or Antar Dasa. Venus placed in the 5th House with Sun holds out a happy family life, financial gains and a favourable time for artistes. However, stomach related problems are likely due to the adverse influence of the Sun. 


Libra (Thula):

Mercury due in the 4th house by Jan: 28 holds out happiness in the family,  peace of mind and success in educational pursuits. Time on is auspicious for natives active in politics. A very happy time socially and financial gains are indicated. However, time is not favourable for property-related transactions.  You have to resist the inclination to make money by means fair or foul. You may develop an altruistic bent and get drawn to religious activity.  A good time professionally and financially is on the cards. 


Scorpio (Vrushika):

 Misunderstandings and disputes with brothers and co-workers are possible due to Mercury moving into the 3rd House. Time now on is auspicious for foreign travel, higher education and spiritual pursuits, but unfavourable for parents.  A very favourable time when successes and achievements will come to you with no effort is ahead with Lagnadhipati Mars in your Lagna. However, avoid taking risks and hasty decisions.  Sound health, financial gains and higher status in the society are on the cards thanks to the Sun in your 3rd House. 


Sagittarius (Dhanu):

An increase in income and a happy family life are indicated by Mercury due shortly in the 2nd House where Venus is already placed assuring a generally happy and prosperous time.  Natives prospecting for gems or other hidden treasures are in for luck. You have to act with restraint, foresight and mindfulness as the Saturn – Mercury continues in your Lagna.  A great achievement or a good fortune is possible for those running favourable Dasas. Mars in your 12th House makes it strong with Swakshetra status raising the prospect of unexpected gains. 


Capricorn (Makara):

You are likely to develop problems like headache, sore throat, Tonsillitis and hoarseness of voice due to Mercury’s unfavourable influence. Time on is not favourable for matrimonial matters except in cases of Rahu being strong at birth. Your Lagna has gained much strength with Venus moving into it to be conjunct with Sun.  You will have a good time with friends, relatives and family members. You can look forward to an increase in income with Mars in your Ayasthana fortified with Swakshetra status. 


Aquarius (Kumbha):

You are advised to act with restraint, foresight and gumption with a bag of mixed results to be held out by a four-planet combination in your 12th House with Mercury due to enter it on Jan: 24.  A happy time at workplace, a possible rise in career and even gainful foreign travel on the cards with a powerful Mars in your 10th House.  You can look forward to a better or a steady income due to the favourable Saturn   in the 11th House.  Financial gains and higher returns from investments too are on the cards.  


Pisces (Meena):

The favourable Sun – Venus – Ketu combination in 11th House will get a further boost when Mercury joins it on Jan: 28. You have to be mindful of your health and avoid getting involved in law suits and litigation given Lagnadhipati Jupiter unfavorably placed in your 8th House. You can look forward to an enhanced income and more profits from whatever economic activity you are engaged in thanks to the favourable 11th House.  Avoid risk-involved activity and travels as far as possible. 


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