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Disgusted over being hamstrung!

06 May 2021 - {{hitsCtrl.values.hits}}      

There is a prominent lady in the government top team who has become increasingly despondent about the way things are going on in her Ministry these days. 



This lady in charge of health care services, has got disgusted as  the decisions and actions taken by her are being overturned due to pressures being exerted by an outside cabal, they say. 

However, those around her are said to be trying to assuage her feelings of disgust and despondency and advising her not to take any hasty action.

She had also said that she was not prepared to meet media to give answers to the Covid-19 -related questions.

She had confided in those close to her that she would tender her resignation if she were  further hamstrung from implementing her rulings and decisions. “This ‘virus’ has not only undermined my authority, but also has greatly affected my health,” she had said.