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Buddha reflections

24 Jun 2021 - {{hitsCtrl.values.hits}}      

Reflections on the Buddha Word elucidated by Ven. Bhikkuni Kusuma to the Sunday Skype group.

The Itinerant Being
What brought me here?
Wanting to be.
That made me live 
in a particular way;
doing both good and bad,
depending on how I felt.
But feelings are like the wind,
They come and go,
and so I drift
between joy and woe,
not knowing the Truth
that this is all an illusion -
the aggregates of body and mind
which masquerade as me!
Nothing lasts.
All is in flux;
an endless arising and ceasing,
clinging to what we like
and pushing away what we don’t.
Life after life,
on this treadmill of becoming,
leading to the same destination, always -
To death.

So now we realise
the futility of it all.
We must hasten and strive
to step off the wheel.
The mind is the key -
Purify it!
Know it and see it!
Only then will we actually
Intuit the deathless!