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Women Sustainability Forum 2021

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A Global Community and their Contribution to Sustainability

As sustainability now sets the vision for regional action, its success depends on how far sustainability principles are inclusive and diverse. With time, the role of women has changed greatly and at the present, the contribution of women can be seen widely in the aspects of society and the environment. Women have taken up roles, expanding their boundaries further, as researchers, scientists, entrepreneurs and leaders. With the current situation, where the whole world is focused on sustainable development, it has become an important aspect to identify women’s contribution towards sustainability. In addition, The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have set a common framework for the global community to achieve sustainability in every aspect. Therefore, women’s contribution towards achieving the SDGs can be considered very significant and understanding the importance of it, the Women Sustainability Forum was set up.

Founded by Dr. Isabel B. Franco, an international leader in Sustainable Development, Sustainability Science, Policy and Practice who struggled to find good education and employment opportunities in a resource-rich country, the Women Sustainability Forum is grounded on scientific research that shows that the solution to this crisis in accessing quality education and employment lies in wise investment by stakeholders of resource-rich countries in five forms of capital: education, employment, entrepreneurship, leadership and innovation. Accordingly, investing in these areas would make a huge difference in the lives of women around the globe. With her huge sense of responsibility to upgrade the lives of women around the world, Dr. Franco began the Women Sustainability Forum which connects through the eWisely network, the fastest growing, global connector of Exceptional Women in Sustainability, policy, practice and science with more than 9000 leaders and followers in over 60 locations around the world. With the vision of pushing global boundaries to help women unleash their full potential towards a more sustainable future for all, the Women Sustainability Forum positions itself a platform for exceptional women in sustainability, science, policy and practice to discuss topics of current interest, building international networks and establishing collaborations. 

The Women Sustainability Forum is an experimental platform for women in sustainability aimed to provide sustainable solutions in many aspects and across regions carry out rigorous research to produce policy, corporate and academic reports on demand. 

The Women Sustainability Forum 2021 will be held as an online global event this year from 10th to 12th of November 2021. 



Women Sustainability Forum 2019- Japan



This time too, there will be interesting sessions with presentations and panel discussions with the participation of exceptional women in sustainability from around the globe. It is also expected to appreciate the exceptional women with the E-Wisely Award which is awarded as a tribute to the legacy of women in sustainability, science, policy and practice.
If you are interested in presenting your work on sustainability, you can connect with us by simply sending an email [email protected]  or visit http://www.womensustainability.forum where you can also get to know more about this global event. 

The Women Sustainability Forum 2021 might be the stage to find that hidden voice in you! You might be a man and think that this is irrelevant to you but women’s work and their contribution is connected with the contribution of men too. Ultimately, as human beings it is our duty to make this planet a better place for all of us to live in. Stay tuned with the social media pages (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn) and their global platform Women Sustainability Forum for more updates. Let us all together achieve our ambition in protecting the values of today’s world and endow it to the future generations with pride and satisfaction!