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President attends ‘Sitawaka - Sisu Arunalu’ programme

26 Sep 2023 - {{hitsCtrl.values.hits}}      

  • Calls for a re-evaluation of the character and history of King Sitawaka Rajasingha

President Ranil Wickremesinghe, speaking at the ‘Sitawaka - Sisu Arunalu” programme held at Rajasingha Central College, Hanwella last morning (25), called for a fresh analysis of the life and character of King Sitawaka Rajasingha, a courageous, patriotic king of historical significance. 

School equipment and uniforms to 12,000 schoolchildren distributed at the event, was made possible through the support of the Chinese government. 

The President emphasized that King Rajasingha, has been overshadowed by history due to a reference in Chulavansa made two centuries after his reign. President Wickremesinghe urged a reconsideration of the historical approach that has favoured victorious figures while neglecting those who faced defeat.  

The President presented school equipment to several students during the event. It is worth mentioning that this assistance is a direct outcome of the Prime Minister’s visit to China. Hanwella, Avissawella, situated in the Western Province, boasts an advanced education system. The Prime Minister is making a substantial commitment towards its further development.  

Highlighting the significance of preserving historical and cultural heritage, President Wickremesinghe revealed that he has instructed the Department of Archaeology to explore the archaeological treasures of Sitawaka Kingdom. This effort aims to shed light on the historical significance of the region and pave the way for the construction of a museum dedicated to Sitawaka’s history.   President Wickremesinghe emphasized the need for the country’s children to receive both modern education and knowledge about Sri Lanka’s rich cultural history. He expressed his commitment to ensuring that Sri Lankan youth are equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary to shape the nation’s future.  

Furthermore, President Wickremesinghe called for a re-evaluation of the character and history of King Sitawaka Rajasingha, suggesting that the narrative surrounding those who lost battles in history should be reconsidered. In an effort to encourage knowledge-sharing, President Wickremesinghe invited local school students to submit facts about the Kingdom of Sitawaka and King Sitawaka Rajasingha. He pledged to reward the school that submits the most compelling information.