They got no definite clear answer!

Three to four Diyawanna members  of a main political party in the opposition had recently called on a Pohottuwa bigwig.
The purpose of their meeting the Pohottuwa bigwig was certainly not to tell him about their intention to change their party allegiance, but to find out his stand on a politically sensitive matter they  were deeply concerned about.
After exchanging the usual pleasantries they got down to the purpose of their visit. 
They had asked the Pohottuwa bigwig   whether Pohottuwa would support the incumbent Number One at the upcoming big poll.
“Why are you people concerned about whom we are going to support?” the Pohottuwa bigwig had asked the visitors.
Then they had replied: “ We too are getting invitations one after the other. Before throwing in our lot with him, we wish to know whether your party will back him…Because we perceive that he cannot win without your party’s support!”
Then the Pohottuwa chief had said: “We have yet to decide whether we are to back him or not…It is left to you to decide on your course of action.”


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