Using feminine charm for fence-mending

A rumour abuzz in political says that a charming young ladylove of a prominent purohita had in a surprise move invited a onetime political heavyweight to tea at her residence which the latter had politely declined. 

A loyal political supporter had hosted the former political leader to lunch when he (the latter) arrived for a public function held in the area. The fair and lovely one dressed in a colourful saree had arrived at the residence of the political supporter uninvited and mingled with the guests for some time before getting the opportunity to speak to the former leader. “Sir, I am inviting you to tea at my place this evening. I hope you will find time to do me this honour,” she had said in the most coquettish manner she could assume. 

However, the political leader had politely declined the invitation saying, “I am sorry. The time factor does not allow me the pleasure. Don’t worry. There’s always another day.”

Later a guest had told the former political leader in an undertone: “There’s no doubt that she has come here purposefully. Her boyfriend may have thought of doing a somersault back to our side!”
The seasoned political leader had nodded his agreement. “I know It. She has come here on an errand!”

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