Opinion poll puts him in a bad light


A key purohita in yahapalanaya had recently conducted an opinion poll to measure the popularity of the Blue party in Rajarata. 


He had so designed the poll as to ascertain the approval ratings of some prominent political characters in the province. In fact, he had been keen on finding out the standing of a certain young politico hailing from a well-known political family in the province. 

The purohita who conducted the opinion survey while confiding the findings of the survey to a group of his colleagues had made a particular reference to the approval rating of the young Blue stalwart ruling the roost in Rajarata at the moment. “People seem to believe that he may not fare well even at a simple IQ test designed for the 10- 15 age group!”

“What you say makes sense,” one of his colleagues had opined. “Every time he opens his mouth, he puts his foot into it!” 

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