Celebrating birthday amid death and destruction


It was the people of the Kalutara and Ratnapura district who suffered the most from the recent floods and landslides.


With a funereal atmosphere pervading the entire country, a rash of posters appeared overnight on walls in Colombo and Kalutara. The posters carried the picture of a prominent politico – an official mouthpiece of yahapalanaya – grinning from ear to ear. A legend below the picture read: Ciram Jayatu! (Long life to you!)

It was a poster wishing happy birthday to the politico. On seeing this poster which smacked of almost blasphemy given the general mood, people had expressed their disgust with the lament “Ane Apoi! Mehemath minissu!” It had come to light later that it was a loyal follower of the politico who was behind the ‘birthday wish campaign’. However, it was too late for the politico to undo the damage, they say. 

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