Attending May Day rally to buy immunity

A certain Blue party Diyawanna member’s presence at the Getambe May Day rally despite his public avowal that he would have nothing to do with the government and would function as an independent in the council came as a surprise to many of his colleagues. 


So some inquisitive friendly members inquired from this colleague the reasons for his unexpected move.

“Don’t you think that you fell foul of the side you recently joined due to your attending the Getambe rally?”

“What to do, Machang? I was placed in a situation where I had to attend it!”

“Does it mean that you attended the rally against your wishs?” 

“Now Machang, look at my position! There are court cases galore against me! If I didn’t attend, they would definitely collar me!”

“Did you take a crowd of supporters along with you?”

“I took a few chaps I could round up with the greatest difficulty!”

“Weren’t those from the other side angry about it? Didn’t they find fault with you?”

“I told them the truth. What else could I have done?”  

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