Five eye hospital theatres closed down



By Indika Sri Aravinda
Some 3,000 eye surgeries including cataract operations have been suspended at the Colombo Eye Hospital due to a decision taken by the administration to close down five operating theatres where rain water had seeped in and gone under water.
The roof of a section of the hospital connected to the operating theatre had been removed for some repair work which had led rainwater to flow into the theatres on Wednesday night. About 100 to 120 operations are performed in these theatres. Patients due to undergo operations have been sent home due to the prevailing situation. Resident patients in 18 wards are affected by the closure of the theatres.
When inquired about the matter Eye Hospital director Dr. Sanath De Silva said the operating theatres would be opened soon, after repairs. He also said repair work had been delayed due a dispute with the contractor over the payments.
However he said one theatre had been kept open for urgent operations.


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