What the signs on Mount of Luna or Moon say

Human Hand - Trailblazer of Human Civilization – Part 22

Markings which add strength to the Mount of Luna or Moon singly or in combination are the Star, Trident, Circle, Square and Triangle. The Grille, Dot or Spots, Cross and badly formed Stars signify defects in health and character.
Signs on the Mount of Moon and what they signify:
  • Single long line: A presentiment of some evil
  • Clear vertical lines from the Rascette: Long travels
  • Horizontal lines from the percussion: Travels or voyages abroad
  • A horizontal line proceeding from the Percussion and reaching the Line of Heart with a star: The subject will give up all possessions for a journey abroad possibly with a sweetheart
  • Many confused and crossed lines with a chained
  • An islanded Line of Heart: Inconstancy in love affairs; promiscuity
  • A series of confused and cross lines on the upper part of the Mount: Chronic diarrhea or intestinal troubles
  • Many confused and cross lines at the bottom of the Mount: Bladder trouble
  • A Spot: A nervous disease: Hysteria or Unsound Mind
  • A cross in the upper part of the Mount: Intestinal trouble
  • A cross in the middle part of the Mount: Gout or rheumatism
  • A cross at the bottom of the Mount: Bladder, kidney or womb trouble
  • An angle: Danger of drowning
  • A Star: Danger of death by drowning
  • A Star on a Voyage Line: Shipwreck
  • A Triangle: Wisdom in the use of imaginative powers
  • A Grille: Melancholia; troubles in the womb or bladder
  • A Grille with a fine Line of the Sun: Poetical imagination
  • A Circle: Danger of death by drowning

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