US citizen injured in parachute jump from Lotus Tower

New safety measures in the offing

By Chaturanga Pradeep Samarawickrama

In the wake of the incident where a foreigner was injured after falling from the Lotus Tower, attention has been drawn to enhancing safety measures to prevent such mishaps from occurring in the future, the Daily Mirror learns.

During the base jump event at the Lotus Tower, an incident occurred where a citizen of the United States was injured while participating.

The Lotus Tower Management claimed that the foreigner delayed opening his parachute after jumping from the tower. A video was also circulated on social media over the incident.

The injured foreigner was promptly taken to the Colombo National Hospital (CNH) for treatment.
The Lotus Tower Management had taken the maximum safety measures for the jumpers and this was his second jump during the day.

According to hospital sources, the injured foreigner underwent treatment.

The hospital said that the foreigner might have sustained internal head injuries, as he reported numbness in his legs and hands.

The Colombo Lotus Tower Management Company (Private) Limited announced on Saturday (11) that the base jump happened at Colombo Lotus Tower for three days from Sunday (12).
Accordingly, 35 international base jumpers will exhibit adrenaline-fuelled skills.

  • The Lotus Tower Management claims that the foreigner delayed opening his parachute         

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