‘STAX Digital Customer Experience Audit’ helps you better understand your digital maturity

In today’s fast changing market landscape, customer intimacy is critical for every company’s success. Digital maturity is fast becoming the differentiator in getting traction in a crowded market place. STAX’s Digital Customer Experience Audit, which has been developed taking into account 20+ years of global corporate growth experience, helps identify areas of improvement while benchmarking a company’s digital footprint with peers.

In a comprehensive island-wide survey conducted by STAX,it was revealed that 7 out of 10 Sri Lankans take a relevant action on the internet, prior to making a purchase online or offline. Given this background, the service is intended to help Sri Lankan companies evaluate their customers facing digital operations i.e. digital marketing and social media, to understand strengths and weaknesses, based on global and local benchmarks and best practices.

Snapshot of Sri Lankan Consumers’ OnlineBehavior

As more customers shift their purchases and engagement online, catering to the exact requirements are a must have to play in a competitive local and global playing field. As more and more customers shifting online, we are starting to realize how much customer centricity and an obsession with what the customer is looking for matters. Our clients are increasingly reaching out to us to understand the digital customer journey that is specific to them and how we can support them in catering to these unique needs. 

5 Guidelines to Enhance Your Online Engagement

We’re living in an environment where the first 4 results of a Google search get 70% of the traffic and where 40% of traffic, on average, abandon a website if it takes over the 3 seconds to load. So, companies really need to understand the impact that subpar practices can have on their digital operations. 

The audit has been developed based on the global expertise STAX has garnered through serving Fortune 500 corporations, large investment firms, and leading internet companies and is now available to Sri Lankan companies, across the B2B and B2C spectrum.

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