Permission granted to kill some animals including monkeys, peacocks, grizzled giant squirrels: Amaraweera

Agriculture Minister Mahinda Amaraweera said permission had been granted to kill monkeys, peacocks, grizzled giant squirrels, porcupines, wild boars and toque macaques as they destroyed crops.

The minister mentioned this during a meeting with potato farmers today.

The farmers claimed that the killing of wild animals has stopped in the country, and due to that, the population of the said wild animals has grown uncontrollably.

Therefore, the farmers requested that the minister provide an immediate solution to protect their crops.

"A committee had been appointed in this regard, and the final report was received regarding the wild animals that damage the crops. Animals such as monkeys, peacocks, grizzled giant squirrels, porcupines, wild boars, and toque macaques listed on the endangered list have been removed, and anyone has permission to kill them," the Minister said.

He also mentioned that no alternative solution was found by other countries to control the above-mentioned animals other than killing them.
"I searched many ways to find a solution. Unfortunately, I was unable to locate any. However, we must control such animal populations," he said.

The permission to control the animals has been granted, but all that remains is to demonstrate the necessary facilities for the farmers, according to the minister. (Chaturanga Pradeep Samarawickrama)

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