Wilpattu guides assaulted

By Hiran Priyankara Jayasingha

A group of tourists, including 15 civil defence force personnel, visiting the Wilpattu national park assaulted two park guides and two drivers and also damaged two jeeps. The Nochiyagama police said they had received a complaint over the incident and had commenced investigations.

The incident occurred when a group of 40 tourists who were visiting the park last evening on board 4 jeeps with the two guides, had wanted to consume liquor inside the park premises despite it being prohibited.

When the guides at the first instance had refused to allow the tourists to consume the liquor at one location the tourists had made another attempt at another location only to be obstructed by the guides and the jeep drivers, a park official told Daily Mirror online.

Following another failed attempt the tourists including the civil defence force personnel had assaulted the guides and drivers and damaged two jeeps. Park officials who were in the area had later arrived at the scene resulting in a scuffle between both parties.

The two guides were admitted to the Nochiyagama hospital for treatment while two civil defence force personnel were also injured and admitted to hospital. The Nochiyagama police told Daily Mirror online they were recording statements from those involved in the incident and will subsequently arrest the suspects responsible for the incident. (Daily Mirror online)

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