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’Will create political culture where politicians will travel in public transport’: Anura

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Kegalle, Dec. 3 (Daily Mirror)- The National People's Power (NPP) will create a new political culture where politicians will travel in public transport such as in buses and trains, NPP Leader Anura Kumara Dissanayake said today.

Speaking at the Kegalle District Convention of the Retired Tri-Forces Forum, he said the JVP MPs had never used police personnel for their private security.

"You may have seen politicians in other countries travel in buses, trains, bicycles and public transport and work abreast with people. Do we need such a political culture here? We will create that political culture and transformation. We will assure you that," he said.

Dissanayake said they have the confidence to take over the bankrupt country and the courage to revive the economy.

He said they have a plan to utilise the knowledge of the people locally and Sri Lankans living in other countries to revive the economy.

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  • Trehan Munasinghe Sunday, 03 December 2023 08:05 PM

    In Sri Lanka only politicians can travel in luxury vehicles

    Liberal One Monday, 04 December 2023 03:41 PM

    Be truthful to your words. How many luxury vehicles in our roads? Are all of them politicians?

    Cugan Sunday, 03 December 2023 08:21 PM

    First do it yourself you don't needed policy be an example Boris Johnson goes by bicycle would you do it

    Lalith Sunday, 03 December 2023 08:24 PM

    You will then need to build special trains and buses exclusively for the bigwigs who may even ask for special roads after all these years of pomp and luxury

    R Sugathadasa Monday, 04 December 2023 08:32 AM

    Yes, politicians can work for people only if they do live like other people, travelling in buses or trains or even bicycles and be with the people. Today they waste peoples money with lavish cars, air conditioned houses and offices and more. Thank you for this great idea which is an asset to our nation and people. Then senior government officers cannot ask for such luxury life styles

    MOIZ Sunday, 03 December 2023 08:24 PM

    He still thinks socialism and Wijeweeraism have places in people's hearts. He doesn't want power but likes to remain in the opposition. So he could shield himself from finding solutions to people's struggles. Twice he ran away from given opportunities. The third time he will not run because he will not get.

    Che Sunday, 03 December 2023 08:24 PM

    Not required heard the term time is money

    Chux Sunday, 03 December 2023 08:25 PM

    Why don’t you practice this now than later all rubbish

    Bus traveller Sunday, 03 December 2023 08:30 PM

    Excellent idea.

    PISSA Sunday, 03 December 2023 08:32 PM

    That is not acceptable.Is a politician so cheap to travel in buses.No where in the world.Govt. should create Govts with facility to politicians to travel on small cars like in India.Otherwise it is not a Govt.Bit scared before trying to come to power signalling not accepted thing to a citizen.

    Shame on you Monday, 04 December 2023 07:21 AM

    You have proved who you say you are. Politicians are indeed dam cheep, in SL. Politicians in many countries travel by public transport, stand in super market queues, walk to shopping places etc., all alone (no security). Are you going to say they are cheap? I suspect you are one of the SL politician or one who suck up to one.

    Labby Sunday, 03 December 2023 08:51 PM

    A cheap political trick to attract votes.

    Dee Sunday, 03 December 2023 09:00 PM

    And you will travel in a doubly cab! Ya right! Give us our ID cards back!

    Viraj Monday, 04 December 2023 03:24 AM

    Dude go to is office and get a new id . Still living in 89

    Dee Monday, 04 December 2023 02:05 PM

    Dude Viraj. No point in getting a new one if you guys vote them and they forcibly take ‘em again! Tell your comrades that a better election catch point would be to promise to give back what was was destroyed or taken by them during the early 70’s and late 90’s. State assets, private assets, lives! More harm done than what the ltte did!

    Dolly Dias Sunday, 03 December 2023 09:27 PM

    Why won’t you start doing it now?

    Pantha Kumaran Sunday, 03 December 2023 09:39 PM

    Anura, I still remember when I was young I visited late Mr Sugathasa without an appointment. There was no Police or security. He welcomed me at his house in Kotahena and there was only a servant present. I saw number of MPs travelling in public transport in 70s.. That culture is gone. I would love to see those old culture back.

    Grace Sunday, 03 December 2023 10:05 PM

    134 MPs should be made to travel in bullock carts once their term is over.

    Jayampathi Sunday, 03 December 2023 10:41 PM

    JVP is no different. All these politicians wait until they get power to implement good practices.

    Jayantha Sunday, 03 December 2023 10:42 PM

    Lol. Another talker. You can start even now itself know. He is using a double cab given for parliamenterians and uses free fuel quotas. You can go by bus or your own vehicle know.

    Akpien Sunday, 03 December 2023 10:51 PM

    Try to make public rich if you can want nothing other than this

    Patriot Sunday, 03 December 2023 10:57 PM

    Why don't you do it now? You don't need power to do so.

    Bandu Sunday, 03 December 2023 10:59 PM

    But on your recent visit abroad, did you go Economy or Business Class.

    Vadivelu Yogaratnam Sunday, 03 December 2023 11:08 PM

    Not going to change a dam because Rajapaksa family already ruined the country, for another tes years whatever you do no fruitful result will appear with go from bad to worse.

    Amaran Sunday, 03 December 2023 11:48 PM

    At least STOP importing LUXURY VEHICLES to Parlimentarians. That itself will save lots of money to the country. They need security as well.

    Amaran Sunday, 03 December 2023 11:56 PM

    You are NOT PRACTICAL. YOU cannot compare the transport system in developed countries with that of Sri Lanka. In develop countries, the trains services are frequent. NO train breakdown in middle of the journey. Trains maintain schedule time. NO trade union influence. Are these the circumstances in Sri Lanka? This clearly shows that you are NOT practical. Please improve public transport system. STOP JVP influenced Trade Union actions.

    VJ Monday, 04 December 2023 12:04 AM

    MPs must remain in their constituency and work for the betterment of the people. Only on days the parliament is in session should they travel to the capital. Tamilnadu state government has a MLA hostel in Chennai with four star comfort to accommodate members of the legislative assembly.

    Volker Metzger Monday, 04 December 2023 01:15 AM

    At this point in time, Anura Kumara should tell people more about his new political program and economic plans for solving the country's key problems than selling politicians' use of public transport as a new political culture!!! The whole thing is purely for electoral purposes and doesn't have much to do with the "new political culture"! But perhaps Anura Kumara, who does not have much hope for his presidential candidate in the first personal surveys, believes that he can improve his election chances with such initiatives!? I think they don't! He must be convincing as a personality who is trusted to purposefully find a solution to the country's immense problems, both national and international!

    dotv Monday, 04 December 2023 02:19 AM

    Set the trend ..start now .it might lead to better buses , clean and comfortable for the ordinary person ..many a politician did it and probably doing it now elsewhere in the world . I remember the culture shock I had seeing Malcolm Fraser in the departure lounge not the VIP at the Melbourne Air Port ...and a Federal Minister at the Victoria Market going about his shopping unnoticed and free from security personnel around ..its done by many . moreover ..first hand experience helps to make progressive laws .

    Buddhist Monday, 04 December 2023 02:37 AM

    Including Past Presidents and PMs.

    Fred Monday, 04 December 2023 02:49 AM

    One solution would be to pay a consolidated salary and no fringe benefits like cars houses except for key personnel like the President Central Bank Governor etc It would be up to the individual how they spend their money. Buy a car or save and use public transport like all other citizens do. I think Singapore does that Money will be saved services will improve

    Former JVP Monday, 04 December 2023 03:27 AM

    As a first step you should stop travel business class when flying. Stop sending your children to Australia for higher education whilst getting Anthare to protest against private universities. You are number one, hypocrite with only problems without any viable solutions. Remember socialism is a thing in the past. Lady in your party is a strong UNPer

    Raj Gonsalkorale Monday, 04 December 2023 03:30 AM

    Some politicians entered Parliament riding a bicycle but left in a fleet of luxury vehicles. What is needed from the JVP is for the public to be told what their plans are to lift the country out of the economic and social mess it is in. Gimmics are not solutions.

    Ranil Monday, 04 December 2023 04:15 AM

    So long a benefactor pays for AKD, these thieves don't mind travelling business class when they can easily negotiate with their benefactor that they're fine travelling economy class but how about paying the rest of the business class fees to buy medical equipment or drugs for a rural hospital in underserved areas.

    Rishan Monday, 04 December 2023 04:21 AM

    Be an example first... do it by yourself first....

    Lion Monday, 04 December 2023 05:03 AM

    Anura you have shown what you are saying by your deeds , no politicians of the opposition could refute what your claimed. People are waiting in millions to appoint NPP to govern this country in the next election which is due in 10 months.

    Jude Monday, 04 December 2023 05:21 AM

    SL have some smart intelligent people, however when it comes to electing people to public office they make some lousy choices!! That has been the case for last forty years.

    Abd Monday, 04 December 2023 05:44 AM

    Parties who ruled the country have given special favors to their supporters,under the excuse of they are politically victimized, and handing them with special treatment over public and basic rules of the country, what AKD addressing this issue, follow the same path or one rule for all

    Simon Monday, 04 December 2023 05:45 AM

    Not only politicians, but the general public will have to walk, if they come to power. How come they get fuel supplies.

    DOT Monday, 04 December 2023 06:04 AM

    A good news! But remember there was a life threatening factor by extreme political movement during past decades.

    Adwani Monday, 04 December 2023 06:07 AM

    First of all, he is lacking knowledge in Economis. Second, before too crooks claimed that they will travel by Bull Locked Carts and soon when they won, no more bulls were found to get Locked in the Carts; finally public became bulls.

    Dee Monday, 04 December 2023 06:28 AM

    Everyone will have to use public transport. Because private vehicles will be forcibly taken away by the comrades! Like they did to our NIC’s in the late eighties.

    Tonga Monday, 04 December 2023 06:33 AM

    He is starving for luxury travel... he will the first one to have the most expensive vehicle to travel around. To whom is he showing the carrot! He is living in a dream world you lier...

    warren Monday, 04 December 2023 06:41 AM

    These people are preaching of a "heven" that you can't ever reach. No taxes on the public, no borrowings, no restructuring of loss-making and cash-draining public enterprises, and no room for foreign investors (because FDIs amount to the sale of public assets!). And now, politicians were to travel by public transport under their rule! People, please wake up. These people talk shibboleth. Do NOT get hoodwinked.

    Omar Mohamed Monday, 04 December 2023 06:42 AM

    AKD, why wait till you be in power, practice now.

    Cherath Monday, 04 December 2023 06:53 AM

    For these 'forever critics ranting about Wijeweera's JVP', how can anyone travel in public transport now, where getting on board is a challenge in itself. What Anura is saying in changing the culture includes the transport system as well, where comfortable and safe vehicles of transport will be standard. People have a choice then of using one's own or public transport. Politicians too will follow suit.

    warren Monday, 04 December 2023 12:05 PM

    What about the buses your "heros" set ablaze in 88-89?

    Dinruta Monday, 04 December 2023 06:55 AM

    This is not practical in the subcontinent Anura. Instead why don’t you encourage a simple vehicle for all politicians instead of big luxury ones ?

    H. I Monday, 04 December 2023 07:10 AM

    No wonder you guys are not winning elections!!! Dude in SL you go in jep ekke if you are a politician!!! Then only ppl vote

    Gp Monday, 04 December 2023 07:18 AM

    You can walk your talk... show us today by returning your Government provided vehicles... then we will believe you and then vote fir you...

    KP Monday, 04 December 2023 08:03 AM

    Great. But that won’t solve the economic problems of the country. What we need are sound economic policy. Not some cheap pleasure by making politicians suffer.

    Jim Kuru Monday, 04 December 2023 08:07 AM

    If Possible Good Move

    Pol Boru Monday, 04 December 2023 08:29 AM

    Practice what you preach immediately why wait for a change of govt

    Concerned Monday, 04 December 2023 08:35 AM

    First you do it! On a different note, can this man ever take Sri Lanka forward??? Stone age maybe??

    Pina Monday, 04 December 2023 09:30 AM

    @Patum I also visited late Peter Kuneman when he was a minister. Something. No Police or security. I just walked in he came out greeted and talked

    We have precedents; Your idea is not novel idea! Monday, 04 December 2023 09:39 AM

    Yes Pantha Kumaran! Late Waninayake, UNP Finance Minister could be seen seated at Kurunegala Railway Station in his Beige color Tussore suit, on his way home to Yapahuwa. He would use a pencil on a heap of paper in a file, to prepare budget. He would travel in ordinary compartments but command respect with dignity.

    Tissa Fernando Monday, 04 December 2023 09:49 AM

    Look, we do not expect you to travel in busses for work and waste valuable time on the road. But what we expect from you is good governance with out creating classes based on wealth and then making poor class believe that all their problems are because of rich class.

    Weeraguru Amarapathirana Monday, 04 December 2023 10:07 AM

    What is important is for politicians to work for the people and the country honestly. There is no need for them totravel by public transport. Occasionally a politician will go by train and that will just be a boru show.

    Bernard Jayatilake Monday, 04 December 2023 10:10 AM

    How did you travel to the U.S.A.? By boat or ship or first class flight?

    Lion Monday, 04 December 2023 11:31 AM

    Bernard his travel was organized and paid by the SriLankan in USA , from the day 1 unlike other politicians who cruise the world with public money he had a busy schedule addressing SriLankan in most of the major cities in USA . All the meetings were in the u tube for public observation. It was not a pleasure trip.He should have gone in a business class since his busy schedule requires such a comfortable travel. He didn’t use your money or my money for that trip.

    Tissa Fernando Monday, 04 December 2023 07:24 PM

    Mr.Lion, business class trip to USA, extravagant meetings in USA, posh offices in Sri Lanka , always disrupting University education, is this what you want from these guys? This guy is thinking that he could pay off debts using graphitte exports (not even graphinne) whereas without even knowing the market size.

    Bandu Monday, 04 December 2023 10:34 AM

    It doesn't matter how politicians travel. What we want is a prosperous country. With lots of jobs, decent public transport, healthcare etc

    Nihon Sudda Monday, 04 December 2023 10:50 AM

    It means that they will improve the quality of public transport. Not only that but also the perception on politicians should change. Otherwise, people will hammer them once they meet in busses and trains. That means NPP politicians will work to improve the situation otherwise they cant use public transport. Nice..there is a hope

    Kutty Aman Monday, 04 December 2023 11:00 AM

    Vadivelu Yogaratnam You are off the mark completely yet crying foul loosing the war! Get real dude! Move on!

    sam Monday, 04 December 2023 11:14 AM

    You show the way without talking

    Karalasingam Sivalingam Monday, 04 December 2023 11:34 AM

    Dawn of politicians travelling bus is lauded by the general public 100%. Masses are with you.

    Gamini Monday, 04 December 2023 01:10 PM

    why don't you walk the talk and travel by public transport now

    Cheers Monday, 04 December 2023 02:15 PM

    You idiot why wait for power do now and show

    Tax Payer Monday, 04 December 2023 04:28 PM

    After JR took power and under the "open economy" all the crooks in Parliament travelled in luxury vehicles, were give the chance to import Duty Free Vehicles and moreover their vehicles were preceded and followed by armed Security Personnel. The nonsense has been going on for nearly 50 years but, it is better late than never that NPP wants to end this.

    Rohan Herat Monday, 04 December 2023 10:01 PM

    Mr.Dissanayake tell the people something that you can really do to uplift the living standard of the poor with out uttering lies and hoodwinking the people. Will you ever travel by public transport when you get into power. that is a load of rubbish.

    melville perera Tuesday, 05 December 2023 12:05 AM

    the late prime minister W Dahanayake as minister representing Galle travelled by train and bus to attend parliamentary sessions

    Moh Sleiman Tuesday, 05 December 2023 05:33 AM

    PISSA to your Comments on ministers travelling in busses and trains are a shame, the realities in life for a country like SRI LANKA where majorty of the population are just having one meal a day ,make thieves to pay from their pockets and thenyou will see the differance, and the only person who is capable of bringing that into reality is AKD,LETS all vote for AKD.

    Abd Tuesday, 05 December 2023 01:51 PM

    Petroleum business here is selling after keeping profit over buying price, but due to waste,corruption , unnecessary recruitments ,exaggerated over time payments and unusually higher salaries cooperation seems cannot make ends meet, how are you handle petroleum problem

    GHT Tuesday, 05 December 2023 02:08 PM

    First of all, revive your lifestyle, leaving your PUNCHI and leading a decent life while you come out of the MESSED UP life, marrying a woman that proves legitimacy to nature, can later be determined the economy of Sri Lanka. And there are many more to look after the affairs of the people.

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