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Sri Lanka Cricket to be governed by 18-member Board of Directors

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COLOMBO (PMD) - In a bid to address and resolve the ongoing crisis in Sri Lanka's popular sport of cricket, Sri Lanka Cricket is to be governed by a Board of Directors comprising 18 members.

The proposed changes were outlined in a report drafted by a committee headed by Justice K.T. Chitrasiri, which was formally handed over to the Chairman of the Cabinet Sub-Committee, Minister of Foreign Affairs Ali Sabry, by President's Secretary Saman Ekanayake on Tuesday.

The new constitution was commissioned by President Ranil Wickremesinghe, who believes that a mere interim committee will not be sufficient to tackle the complex issues plaguing Sri Lankan Cricket. To ensure a long-term solution and advancement of the sport, a permanent and substantive approach is needed.

The "Chitrasiri Committee Report," presented to President Wickremesinghe last month, was originally intended to be submitted to Parliament after the conclusion of the 2023 Cricket World Cup and the presentation of the 2024 budget. 

However, given the current circumstances, President Wickremesinghe has decided to expedite the process and submit the proposed draft constitution to the Cabinet sub-committee, with the intention of bringing it to the attention of Parliament.

The new draft constitution proposes a comprehensive overhaul of the Sri Lanka Cricket Board's membership, composition, administration and management. Under the proposed changes, a Board of Directors consisting of 18 members will govern the Sri Lanka Cricket Board. Each director will serve a four-year term and will have the authority to make policy decisions. The execution of these decisions will be the responsibility of a Director-General appointed by the Board of Directors.

Out of the 18 directors, 8 will be appointed, and the recommendation for their appointment will be made by an expert committee consisting of six members. This committee will include representatives from the National Sports Council, the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka, the Bar Association of Sri Lanka, the Chamber of Commerce of Sri Lanka, the Institute of Directors of Sri Lanka, and the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants Sri Lanka (CIMA Sri Lanka).

The remaining 10 board members will be selected through an official election process. This process will see five directors representing cricket clubs, one representing the Players' Association, one representing the School Cricket Association, one representing the Women's Cricket Association, one representing the Umpires' Association, and one representing the Coaches' Association.

Furthermore, the proposed constitution suggests the establishment of 12 committees dedicated to various aspects of cricket. These committees include the Cricket Committee, Audit Committee, Related Party Transactions Committee, Nominations Committee, Selection Committee, Tournament Committee, Facilities Development Committee, Rules, Arbitration, and Disciplinary Committee, Investment Committee, Anti-Doping and Anti-Corruption Committee, and Remuneration Committee.

The proposed new Constitution will be tabled and discussed by the ruling party during the parliamentary debate, which will be held tomorrow. If approved, these changes are expected to bring a fresh start to Sri Lankan cricket, ensuring transparent governance, effective decision-making, and improved administration of the sport.


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  Comments - 72

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  • Dee Wednesday, 08 November 2023 09:36 PM

    Makes good sense!

    rani Wednesday, 08 November 2023 09:57 PM

    Paga committee ? Put Chamari Attapattu in charge of Mens cricket and they will do well.

    Premalal Perera Thursday, 09 November 2023 11:43 AM

    The CB was a mess with 8 members now it will be a Pol mess with 18

    Ahead jayamanne Thursday, 09 November 2023 12:30 PM

    Whatever policy makes and whoever comes Srilanka cricket will never rises again. From A-Z there are gang of robbers, other hand people we are try to living with current situation. It's time to forget about the sports, appointed of President is just starting of fall of our country.

    Committee President Wednesday, 08 November 2023 10:23 PM

    Committee on committee. Just follow international best practices on sports bodies. There are many examples internationally.

    City Thursday, 09 November 2023 08:51 AM

    None of the others are corrupted like the SLC. We need to cover all areas, if not present SLC has all types of experts.

    Walk the talk Ranil Wednesday, 08 November 2023 10:35 PM

    Whatever, the present crooks should not have any posts. The incompetent crook CEO should be replaced with utmost urgency.

    Zoysa Wednesday, 08 November 2023 10:50 PM

    What about an Intelligence and Detective team to pursue the crooks?

    Tilak Wednesday, 08 November 2023 11:32 PM

    This is the correct way to go about cleaning the mess. The president's approach makes sense. It seems the minister acted in haste to undermine the president's strategy. Obviously showing his immaturity and the fact that he could be easily influenced by sweet talkers and taken for a ride. Seems his basking in the sun is going to be short-lived and that he will end up with more than egg on his face very soon. So we can expect more night talk from him in the coming days.

    Saman Wednesday, 08 November 2023 11:45 PM

    What a joke.Who is going to bear their salaries ? RW has no other work than looking in to the affairs of the cricket board.

    Amaran Thursday, 09 November 2023 01:29 AM

    Whatever the composition of Board, the committed theft should be investigated and all robbers should be punished according to the LAW.

    Tony Thursday, 09 November 2023 01:40 AM

    Instead of two accounting bodies why not have only one and and a Buddhist monk to represent the majority of the population and the pamsukula can stay within.

    Mahila Friday, 10 November 2023 02:43 AM

    Expert “Book Cricket”, Even PLAYING “BED CRICKET” you mean from now on!!!??? Every cricket Match, Test or otherwise must start and Conclude with a Pirith Ceremony, to ensure a favourable result to Sri Lanka!!!??? Then doesn't matter who is controlling SLC!!?? WIN all Matches!!?? Very good!!!???

    Ram Thursday, 09 November 2023 03:32 AM

    RW is trying to expedite Chirasiri Report to save his face on the rumpus he created that showed his partiality towards Shammi

    saman Thursday, 09 November 2023 04:31 AM

    $$$$ to be sent on Committee members' salaries and nothing will be spend on grassroot level. Bureaucracy and red tape will further ruin what is left.

    Gerard de la motte Thursday, 09 November 2023 04:48 AM

    12 committees, but none for national cricket development, which is the most important. So much for the future of the sport.

    pushkara epa Thursday, 09 November 2023 05:12 AM

    Governance for Australian Cricket The ten-person Cricket Australia (CA) Board consists of four independent Directors and one Director appointed by each of the six State Associations. The CA Board works collectively in the national interest of Australian cricket: Mike Baird AO (Chair), Vanessa Guthrie AO, Paul Green, Clea Smith, Lachlan Henderson, John Harnden AM, Richard Freudenstein, Sarah Adam-Gedge, Greg Rowell and Dr David Maddocks. Each Director will have one vote except in the case of a deadlock in which case the CA Chair will have a casting vote. The State Association Members will each have three votes on constitutional issues.

    Maduruwa Thursday, 09 November 2023 05:52 AM

    Please organise a 20-20 tournament like IPL between the directors and committee members to cover their expenses without using SLC funds.

    Spartacus Thursday, 09 November 2023 06:45 AM

    Awww that is not enough, make it 225 like parliament. After all numbers matter for monkeys more than quality.

    Umar Perera Thursday, 09 November 2023 06:56 AM

    18 people to be paid for what? Does it really take so many to sort out the bleeding obvious?

    Roshan Thursday, 09 November 2023 07:24 AM

    That’s great. Get everyone of the directors a Lamborghini and a Rolls Royce for their hookers to travel in luxury.

    Not so silly point Thursday, 09 November 2023 07:46 AM

    It MUST be left to the Parliament or a Committee authorized by the Parliament to draft a new Constitution. The constitution drafted by the Chitrasiri Committee has been designed in such a way that the 10 Executives elected by the Clubs can directly control all the activities of the SLC.

    A concerned citizen Thursday, 09 November 2023 07:52 AM

    If this proposed constitution is accepted, the corrupt Executives will still remain in power as they pay 'salaries' for voting members of clubs and also throw lavish parties for them at the expense of the SLC.

    Ruwan Thursday, 09 November 2023 08:10 AM

    Looks good. At least this gives a good semblance of what the outcome of the debate today would be. Without just debating on SL cricket, MPs will have a meaningful purpose.

    Kays N Thursday, 09 November 2023 08:27 AM

    The trouble with our Prez is that he is too clever for his own good. Someone with less intelligence but streetsmart would have tabled this at the cabinet meeting at which the ministrial committee was appointed. By not doing so he is now facing the ire of his own sports minister and politicking by the Mill Hill cricket captain which could very well derail the committee recomendations. The jeppas too will probably contribute their elle strokes to further their own agenda.

    Bandu Thursday, 09 November 2023 08:42 AM

    Really 18 people in the board. Lot of political cronies. Maybe look at other countries cricket boards , and how they are run.

    Nargs Thursday, 09 November 2023 08:45 AM

    Very good move Sri Lanka need proper committee in all aspects to minimise corruption which gone like wild fire for last approx 25years it's about time to get decent honest non corrupt smart mix of gender in all aspects to improve the quality to produce best results for this country

    ravin Thursday, 09 November 2023 08:49 AM

    Make all these committee chairmen's must be only Sri Lankan players who represent country in test level cricket except finance committee who must be a qualified in cost and management accounting as well as charted accounting only. No member to be representing in grater than one committee. Let's play the game fairly and collectively.

    Pamila Kanakapulle Thursday, 09 November 2023 09:02 AM

    Myna and his group together with Wal Aliya destroyed Cricket and SL! Kick all out soon with zero runs!

    Karalasingam Sivalingam Thursday, 09 November 2023 09:04 AM

    Seem to be a good outcome. However, there should be 19 members, in case a vote to be taken on a vital issue, an odd number is preferable.

    suresh olagama Thursday, 09 November 2023 09:05 AM

    ok until this gets oof the block keeps the interim why committee.?? in force why does everything have to go through you Mr President?? the present Lot is corrupted ?? and its proven?? why are you safeguarding them?? and why is the Minister of sports aware of these

    Patriot Thursday, 09 November 2023 09:21 AM

    It seems Ranil is falsely accused this time as well as always.

    Sanjaya Thursday, 09 November 2023 09:22 AM

    This is a really good solution to replace the corrupted board. This way there will be representation for all the parties involved.

    Kumari Thursday, 09 November 2023 09:26 AM

    Wow. So the minister tried to sabotage a proper restructuring process already happening by taking stupid arbitrary decisions? Why? To get the credit to himself alone?

    TV Umpire Thursday, 09 November 2023 01:08 PM

    The minister was hooted out recently at a school where he tried to attend the new grass laying ceremony. So the failure of our cricket team gave him the opportunity to score popularity points.

    Joseph Thursday, 09 November 2023 09:48 AM

    Good recommendation Very little room for corruption

    Hermene Thursday, 09 November 2023 10:01 AM

    Who will bear the salary of the 18 board members? Will the service provided free of cost? A known devil is better than an unknown angel

    Patriot Thursday, 09 November 2023 02:55 PM

    This isn't a government agency. It's a company. All the costs of salaries and other things would be borne by itself.

    johan Thursday, 09 November 2023 10:33 AM

    If our SLC is incapable better handover to Talibans they play better cricket.It is very interesting to see how their players are playing

    Hello Hello Thursday, 09 November 2023 10:37 AM

    That's more than a cricket team. Why not have 225 members so that it will be equal to the number of useless MPs.

    Tudor Obeysekera [Coach] Thursday, 09 November 2023 10:42 AM

    Paying these 18 Board Directors will cost a lot, this is also the public money, why this waste.

    Tudor Obeysekera [Coach] Thursday, 09 November 2023 10:42 AM

    Paying these 18 Board Directors will cost a lot, this is also the public money, why this waste.

    Derrick Wickramaratne - Industrialist Thursday, 09 November 2023 10:46 AM

    President don't have money to conduct the Elections neither feeding the poor people taxed by the Government but prepared to form a 18 member of Directors for the Cricket Board - what a curse?

    Suhada malli Thursday, 09 November 2023 01:16 PM

    It is not the president who made these proposals but a committee headed by a retired judge. besides SLC has enough money to pay a nominal directors fee for all 18. We cannot develop this country by criticizing every idea, without suggesting better solutions.

    Kingsley Alexander Thursday, 09 November 2023 10:52 AM

    This shows clearly that Ranil wants to protect and feed the rotten rogues in the Cricket Board, yes, we must closely monitor all the activities of Ranil holding meetings with the old rogues of Cricket Board.

    Common Man Sunil - Trishaw operator Thursday, 09 November 2023 10:59 AM

    If a Sports Minister is appointed by the President, he must allow him to work freely and manage his ministry. Why is President Ranil Wickramasinghe trying to be a Dictator to everyone poking his finger to every petty matters - like Hitler.?

    Hawk Thomas - Fmr. ICC member Thursday, 09 November 2023 11:01 AM

    18 Member (Directors) is Ranil Wickramasinghe (President) going to pocket out their salaries and other facilities?

    Ling Madiya Thursday, 09 November 2023 01:21 PM

    The question should be asked from the committee headed by justice Kirthisiri and not from the president. SLC has money to give even the gold medal winning athletes. So they can fund their own directors fees which is not a very big amount.

    Aemathikama Thursday, 09 November 2023 11:19 AM

    This is a move to by-pass Roshan Ranasinghe's proposal and to dump Arjuna. Let's see how Roshan reacts. Does he want to cling on to the Portfolio or to have self respect after saying that President must choose between Roshan and Shammi ?

    Srilankan Thursday, 09 November 2023 11:45 AM

    18 members committee. Numbers are always high but the output is nil. Let see.

    Old nalandian pacer Thursday, 09 November 2023 11:49 AM

    World's best cricketing parliment and crecketing precident.

    Rathnavali Thursday, 09 November 2023 11:53 AM

    Minister jumped the gun! He knew steps were being taken to overhaul SLC and he wanted to get his men in before that happened! Furthermore, discussing in Parliament when this matter is before court is sub-judice and the lawyers in Parliament are silent.

    True Lankan Thursday, 09 November 2023 12:46 PM

    Our guys when having an issue with hamstring go for a date hunting on Tinder, that guy Maxwell with a leg issue scored one of the best ODI score 200, now that is the dedication our players should have, Now these 18 members of committee is a waste of time and our tax money.

    Onlooker Thursday, 09 November 2023 01:08 PM

    Far too top heavy and nothing will get done with each proposal having 18 different views. Anything over 10 too cumbersome for arriving at decisions. Most Company Boards follow this.

    ANNECUNT Thursday, 09 November 2023 01:18 PM

    do not get namal rajapaksa near cricket

    VJ Thursday, 09 November 2023 01:25 PM

    Better outsource the running of SLC to a private institution local or foreign. Officials are stealing like there is no tomorrow.

    Upali Jayasuriya Thursday, 09 November 2023 01:32 PM

    Only Arujuna Ranatunga can rescue SL Cricket with his honesty and words of wisdom He does not suffer fools gladly and condemned by the fools who run the Great Game of Cricket Is not Cricket Is it ?

    Hard Truth Thursday, 09 November 2023 01:40 PM

    Why not bring the space scientist turned cricketer Rajapaksa as one of the directors? These committee, interim committee, sub-committee, sub-sub-committee, and 18 Members director committee all are useless unless SL Crickets don't deliver in the pitch.

    Kapila Thursday, 09 November 2023 01:42 PM

    This is not going to work. With 18 members you cannot take decisions. The cost also going to be high. This is to fool the people of SriLanka.

    Aquarius Thursday, 09 November 2023 01:51 PM

    Why such a big number of Directors? Is SLC a multi national entity? Are they all working pro bono? If not, where is money coming from to pay their salaries? Everything is bloated - from parliament to commissions, boards - you name it, it is always MEGA! Corruption and protection of the corrupt is the norm.

    Rishan Thursday, 09 November 2023 02:23 PM

    Hope these committees will benefit player performance.

    DOT Friday, 10 November 2023 04:13 AM

    It's already governed by an invisible external factor. Anyhow better to have a local representative also so as to keep the nominal identity! What a funny country! We have enough vital issues to address!

    DillonDP Friday, 10 November 2023 05:18 AM

    Too many cooks anyways if this country had such calibrated or educational background people in the parliament... it's a merer

    Massive political interference Friday, 10 November 2023 05:49 AM

    Changing how the SLC is made up is utter political interference. Government should have put proposal to ICC before setting up new structure. Now any of the previous SLC board, and clubs which voted them in can point out the political interference which is done without any regard to ICC, or cricket, but just on the whims of Parliament and the President.

    Jayasinghe G Friday, 10 November 2023 05:54 AM

    4 year term is madness. 2 years at most, with ability to call elections any time earlier, if there is problem is best. Even US congress has only two year term, and that democratic institution works well, with no need for longer terms. Sri Lanka should model like US, with shorter terms for all of Parliament, President, and even giving citizens the right to recall/cancel judges who are bad. In US criticising judges is good and normal democratic processes.

    Wele Cricket Friday, 10 November 2023 08:24 AM

    Why only 18 in the proposed Board of Directors? The point being; only 18 and their Jim bands will now be able to fly around to see matches overseas at SLC expense. Better to make the Board 100 or even better 225 Directors like our wonderful Parliament. That way many more people and their families will be able to enjoy SLC funds!

    Ismail Friday, 10 November 2023 11:37 AM

    All what I can say is what happened to Football/ rugby

    Tissa Fernando Friday, 10 November 2023 07:13 PM

    Payments for these committee members will substantially exceed any revenue coming to SLC. Too many cooks will spoil the plate. No decisions can be taken when too many are in the Board. One rule should be introduced that no committee member should receive any financial benefit direct or indirect for the participation in the committee. The participation has to be honorary and should be limited to nominal expense reimbursement. Not even free tickets to friends and family members. Only one ticket for exclusive use by the committee members. Everyone else should pay for their own tickets. If any member does not participate in meetings without a reasonable verifiable reason then he should be removed. automatically .

    Waco Saturday, 11 November 2023 10:10 AM

    Ranil does not know what is “Short Middle Leg”. He will appoint all his friends to this Committee and offer the high salaries and handsome perks. See Ruman wijewardana. Living on Tax Payers money. Ranil will ruine the game of cricket as well. The only person who can resolve all issues pertaining to the game of Cricket is Arjuna Ranatunga. He has proved that. Book-Worms should be written off.

    Jehan Saturday, 11 November 2023 12:26 PM

    The crooks will get cricket running, the talkers will get us banned. This happened in Afghanistan, now india runs afghan team. The third team for India will be Sri Lanka. Money stops in India.

    H Rilly Saturday, 11 November 2023 10:24 PM

    In Hindsight the proposal to establish a board of directors is a good idea although in its current form it has major weaknesses. No former Cricketers in the expert panel. Only corperate and other professionals. No major structural role for prominent former Cricketers! Governance aside whos' going to make plans and implement the overhaul of the whole domestic cricketing structure to bring it in par with international level?

    Waco Sunday, 12 November 2023 05:47 AM

    Ranil, without running the game of Crivket appoint Arjuna Ranatunga with full powers. He put the game of cricket on the proper track. Book worms can not do any thing. It will be like Gotas “ viyath Maga”.

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