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RW is President because of Aragalaya, Foreign Mission behind the protests - Namal

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MP Namal Rajapaksa today said that more details will surface shortly on who the Foreign Party was who backed the Aragalaya and presently Sri Lanka had a President and cabinet appointed by the Aragalaya. 

"Not just us, even the Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna who were party to the Aragalaya, are now stating that a foreign mission had a role to play in the Aragalaya," Namal said.

"Even a fellow parliamentarian who was with us has written a book exposing the details," he added.

He further said that the JVP was part of the Aragalaya so if they themselves are now divulging that some foreign missions were behind the Aragalaya, then more details will surface soon. 

"Right now we have a government which has been appointed by the Aragalaya. It is because of the Aragalaya that Ranil Wickremesinghe has become a President and this cabinet has also been appointed because of it," Namal said. 


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  • Shelly Thursday, 11 May 2023 01:44 PM

    There is no hope for SL. I give up.

    Gvallasamy Thursday, 11 May 2023 01:49 PM

    The reason sri lanka is a failed state is not because of Aragala or the west, but the simple and single fact that the Rajapaksas are not to be trusted and are the reason why the country is in the postion it is jn and yet the Rajapaksas are still not satisfied with all of the money and resources they have stolen from the ordinary everyday sri lanka people .theses people still want to create more havoc and unrest . Why didn't Namal run to USA with uncle Basil and never return. The people of sri lanka want change and don't want the thieving gangsters called the Rajapaksas in government anymore .

    Love lanka Thursday, 11 May 2023 01:57 PM

    That is better off for the country..We may disagree with Ranil in politics but he was the best option...if you and your family had ruled the country for another one year we would be like Somalia today .Thank God for Aragalaya at least we have lesser political evils today than yesterday...So don't worry about Ranil now ..He has got more than 5 decades of experience in politics ...Your dad too had that but his friends and family like you spoiled his reputation and goodwill ..No no point in blaming others for the wrong you and your friends have done to the politics of your Dad .. This is life and take it and let all learn lessons from the past .. politics of revenge and grudge has no place today ...Gota is wise person in one aspect of politics that he didn't use to force to crush the crowd shedding blood bath ..I respect him for that .He is indeed a wise person for avoiding the blood bath..All must respect him for that .

    ACA Thursday, 11 May 2023 02:01 PM

    These stooge never admit their robbing and misery brought to the country.

    C Fernando Thursday, 11 May 2023 02:37 PM

    NR getting a bit worried because RW wants to hold a Presidential election and if RW wins NR will have to shelve his Presidential dreams! So trying to discredit RW although it was his father and uncles who put RW in the Presidential chair hoping for protection for their corrupt family. They will always pull the 'foreign conspiracy' or 'LTTE revival' out of the hat when it suits them. Hope at least now the people can see through these stories.

    Ram Thursday, 11 May 2023 02:41 PM

    You are correct Namal. RW is there thanks to Aragalaya. Many politicians lost their houses thanks to your supporters putting into action what was hatched at Temple Trees when you and your father welcomed your supporters

    Dream of a Patriot Thursday, 11 May 2023 02:49 PM

    What a revolutionary change there would be in Sri Lanka if Mahinda the Ali Baba summon all his brothers , his kith and kin and spouses, all the rogues in Pohottuwa who have plundered people's wealth, to surrender their Assets for the sake of the country. All loans and other dues owed by Sri Lanka to foreign countries could then be easily settled and we can start afresh to make Sri Lanka a Prosperous Country.

    BuffaloaCitizen Thursday, 11 May 2023 02:52 PM

    He has learnt the art of saying something without declaring it. This is like, sitting on the commode and only farts keep appearing. He needs to change his name to Farmal Rajapakse.

    gamini Thursday, 11 May 2023 02:54 PM

    whether a foreign mission was involved or not does not matter. Good has been done by the country by removing the cursed Rajapaksha family from power. Today we do not have fuel and gas queues and food is available. Whether Aragalaya installed or otherwise, RW is a better option

    Ganesh Thursday, 11 May 2023 03:04 PM

    I would rather have Ranil as President than you thieving mongrels at the helm and starve. You are still roaming free thanks to uncle Ranil, had it been anyone else you probably would have ended up like Saddam Hussain and Co.

    Got up from the slumber! Thursday, 11 May 2023 03:05 PM

    What a lot of words of wisdom? We saw all Foreign Ambassadors including China and North Korea holding Banners and shouting "Gota Go Home!

    Dharmatileke Thursday, 11 May 2023 03:19 PM

    Either hook or by crook aragalaya lads and lasses chased away the Rajapakses. Thanks to all who supported the Aragalaya local and foreign as well

    Tom Thursday, 11 May 2023 03:24 PM

    Please focus on what can be done to bring SriLanka out of the mess. Couldn't see much on that from you guys other than trying the same old tricks!

    Mohammed Ghouse Thursday, 11 May 2023 03:34 PM

    Most of Tangalla citizens are known for dirty things as his family

    Volker Metzger Thursday, 11 May 2023 03:38 PM

    The fact that such a person as this Namal Rajapaksa, who belongs to a family of the worst political gangsters in Sri Lanka, is now speaking up again with unproven conspiracy-theoretical statements shows what a basic character this man has, which neither the well-being of the suffering people nor the Interested in the future of the country ! Unable to draw any conclusions from the political events of the past few years, he keeps constructing stories that fit his bizarre worldview, which only serve personal political interests, and those are power interests! Every politically enlightened people sends such politicians into the desert forever in elections !!!

    Mahila Friday, 12 May 2023 01:14 AM

    Namal by his statement has made it amply clear his stature and understanding of the politics as of now in SL and he cannot comprehend the scenario!!?? He has also unwittingly declared that he is not fit for any High Office in SL, even as MP!!! Absolute Misfit!!!??

    MirakRajBanda Thursday, 11 May 2023 04:09 PM

    After the French Revolution, all those responsible for for the misery of the people met the gulatine including the Loux XVI and here in Sri Lanka Rajapakayas having a life luxury as usual. How stupid are the Sri Lanakn people!!!!!

    rbh Thursday, 11 May 2023 05:09 PM

    Why did the Aragalaya happened.

    Dan Thursday, 11 May 2023 05:21 PM

    RW became the President because of Aragalaya voted by the corrupt to save themselves.

    Tissa Fernando Thursday, 11 May 2023 05:45 PM

    Aragalaya started as your Bappa was playing crazy in handling the crisis situation while you and your papa alone with your kaputu bappa and your whole family were robbing the money out of what was left. So the people were fed up in standing in queues for everything for days. So , foreign countries may have exploited the opportunity created by your family and your balpa who was probably not allowed to do whatever he thought he could do. Now , stop your baby talks as if you do not know anything.

    Roberta Flack Thursday, 11 May 2023 05:51 PM

    All the political parties are getting ready for the elections and are withdrawing to their corner to launch their bid. The fact, is the Aragalaya was a genuine expression of the people which became a force too much for any party to oppose. RW was the great benefactor and spoiler whose greed for power under the pretext of saving the country, surreptitiously took charge. He was a product of the Aragalaya and in fact supported it at the inception. Turn coat Ranil is now trying to justify his position by tarnishing the Aragalaya. Twerp Namal whose family robbed us and got us into this mess is equally complicit with RW, by making irresponsible statements against the Aragalaya. Long live the Aragalya.

    lester Thursday, 11 May 2023 07:01 PM

    RW is President is President because your dumb uncle gave it to him

    Percy Wijenayake Thursday, 11 May 2023 07:03 PM

    Aragalaya has saved our country from Rajapakse's, in having an honest world class President that will not stoop to illegal commissions. He is too much a English gentleman, and must acquire some traits from MR to be impolite and tough in dealing with some Sri Lankans and Foreign rulers.

    DJ Thursday, 11 May 2023 07:45 PM

    This is the future leaders, we are doomed.

    Ranil Thursday, 11 May 2023 07:54 PM

    Consider this a payback from RW because your dumb father bought-off Prabhakaran and the LTTE to threaten and disenfranchise the Northern, Eastern and North Western province voters through that "KAMBBA HORRA" TiranA. Have you forgotten that election you traitor?

    Ranga Thursday, 11 May 2023 08:51 PM

    R.I.P this family who's responsible for the first Asian nation to declared bankrupt in 50 years and amount of wealth they stole

    Gaston Thursday, 11 May 2023 09:29 PM

    Thick skinned like a monitor. No fear, no shame. Hide at crisis. When things ease out, slowly surface like an eel. If justice not served for all the robberies made, could someone give this shameless robson a thundering slap at least?

    Bernard Jayatilake Thursday, 11 May 2023 10:53 PM

    The incumbent president found himself in the presidency not because of aragalaya but your beloved uncle paved the way for the birth of the aragalaya due to his stupid, short-sighted policies coupled with his utter ignorance of politics which eventually culminated in bankruptcy for the country with a laughing stock status among the civilized countries of the world.

    Chathuranga Withanaarachchi Thursday, 11 May 2023 11:08 PM

    Namal machan you will see more fire works in future, your time is end.

    S N Fernando Thursday, 11 May 2023 11:28 PM

    You can fool the people sometimes, but not all the time. Stories without substance. Still trying to fool the masses, but this time around, I believe the masses are more aware of the truth and reality and will not fall for these fairytale stories.

    Mandayan Thursday, 11 May 2023 11:40 PM

    If that’s the case Namal, your dream of becoming a president is shattered. You are lucky that your family is still outside of a prison.

    Sumith Friday, 12 May 2023 12:06 AM

    You are absolutely right the present president and government is unlawfully established. Your father and you should come back and plunder whatever is left from the country as the uneducated fools do not deserve any..

    Pantha Kumaran Friday, 12 May 2023 12:38 AM

    Namal, you are talking like an idiot. Your family were chased out, because you robbed us. Do not think we are stupid to accept your story. Can you honesty say you did not robbed our country.

    Mahila Friday, 12 May 2023 01:54 AM

    The immature, infantile baby of an MP (Total misfit to be in August Assembly - elected by “Medamulana Henchaiyas”) is talking 'NUTS' and by uttering incomprehensible, thoughts "proving beyond any and all doubt", why people of Hambantota District, were WRONG in electing him!!! These immature voting attitudes contributed Nincompoops entering parliament on "Child Kissing Popularity" and leading country to Bankruptcy and Starvation, which was ‘ROOT CAUSE’ of the ARAGALAYA and not what his Satyagrahi “Lemon Puff” Compatriot ‘Weerasangili’ attributed as reason – that was, to add ‘SPICE’ and sensationalism make, contents of his book SALEABLE FOR HIS SUSTENANCE –attributed as cause!!!??? FOOL, CON MASSES into believing R. Bros., Inc. are Sole Messiah’s, to deliver this country and people solace!!!?? When desperate for POWER OR HUNGRY FOR IT BLAME WEST, IMPERIALISTS COLONISTS!!!? ATTITUDE, CONDEMNS VOTERS TO FOOLS!!!!

    Ranjith Friday, 12 May 2023 06:52 AM

    You guy's always talk a about foreign conspiracy and other reasons for current situation in the country who created all these issues and never ending problems you and your family has to take blame for this ,can you do something please have the elections Immediately England had their local council elections on time USA always have their midterm elections on time same with other countries only Srilanka postpone elections don't blame foreign countries for this as well.

    ANTON Friday, 12 May 2023 08:03 AM

    PRINCE OF FAILS...............

    Bandu Friday, 12 May 2023 08:14 AM

    Hopefully the new anti-corruption law can catch these thieves. Without holding corrupt politicians to account, corruption won't be reduced. New group will plunder the country.

    S.Siva Friday, 12 May 2023 08:34 AM

    Joke of the day. It's better for the ex crown prince to be quiet. Aragalaya was necessitated by his princely habits derived from his parents and uncles ts time he realized his mistakes and wait for his turn if there is any and serve the public who elected him . He is young and can wait and polish he abilities instead of a mhadana mutta

    Volstern Hummer Friday, 12 May 2023 09:27 AM

    He is the wannabe president of this country who dreamt even while peeing that he is the next president. Unfortunately God wrote a different script than that what his family wrote to bring him into power. Obviously his dream is still persuaded.. and time to time one can hear such fantasy stories like forgein mission, etc... Well that's part of sri Lankan political culture.... as long as he has 69 mil intellectual voters to vote... he can create these stories

    Lankan Friday, 12 May 2023 10:26 AM

    Thanks to HE the President they are still talking freely.

    Ranjith Friday, 12 May 2023 11:12 AM

    Well President Gota came to power by promising he will protect all citizens and it's boundaries finally he lost his Presidency he couldn't protect himself and Gota and your government ruined our country now you are talking about international conspiracy what rubbish are you talking

    navratne willamune Friday, 12 May 2023 03:09 PM

    people forget that swiss embassy was behind the plot as soon as Gota was elected. foreign does inter fear with weak nations.probably people forget that when lot of skeletons were unearthed when construction began in a building sight in Mannar. whole lot of western embassy staff went witness it putting the blame on armed forces were behind it .it turned out to be some thing happened during colonial periods death due to smallpox infections etc

    MISS PUSSY GALORE Monday, 15 May 2023 02:30 PM

    Jayawewa ARAGALAYA we sri-lankans are proud of you

    UMAS Saturday, 20 May 2023 03:05 PM


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