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President’s office strikes at Bandula, says SL will remain ’middle income’

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Contradicting Cabinet Spokesman Bandula Gunawardane, President's Media Division (PMD) said Sri Lanka will remain a middle-income country.

The PMD said in a statment that the government is pursuing a "reverse graduation" policy for a limited period of time.

Cabinet Spokesman Bandula Gunawardane told the weekly Cabinet briefing this morning that the cabinet of ministers had approved a proposal to downgraded Sri Lanka from a middle income to low income status.

The immediate rectification by the President's Office seems to show a rift between the Cabinet of Ministers and President Ranil Wickremesinghe.

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  • Be Fair Tuesday, 11 October 2022 01:18 PM

    A reality of a Prosperous Sri Lanka is actually a Dream

    Be Fair Tuesday, 11 October 2022 01:18 PM

    A reality of a Prosperous Sri Lanka is actually a Dream

    Sunil Tuesday, 11 October 2022 01:33 PM

    More than 30% of the population is at starvation level barely managing to have two meals a day instead of the usual three, fuel is in very short supply, the country has been facing an acute shortage of medicine and surgical supplies for months, parents find it hard to buy milk foods for their children, people experience power interruptions for more than two hours a day, triggered by shortages of fuel, ships carrying much needed fuel supplies have been at anchor immediately outside the harbour for three weeks as the government has been unable to find the dollars to make the necessary payments. Of course, we are not a middle income country any longer. We are a high income country competing with Japan and Singapore to reach the top spot. "enamuth mage ratay loken uthum rata." My country is the most noble in the world. What we have an overabundance is of tear gas and water cannon. These are the vistas of prosperity.

    Psp Tuesday, 11 October 2022 02:01 PM

    Bandula go home pls. Soon you have to pay for crimes committed by you due to your bad ugly mouth

    Ram Tuesday, 11 October 2022 02:03 PM

    Cabinet spokesman must resign for the blunder made

    Saman Tuesday, 11 October 2022 02:08 PM

    Biggest joke of year 2022.

    Jinapala Atapattu Tuesday, 11 October 2022 02:21 PM

    You are a Kalakanni group or your uncles/aunts/brothers/sisters/nephews/children are ruling this country since 1948. Now you are shamelessly approve this. Thopita Hena Hatha - Thunder balls will follow all of you and those who have stolen and destroyed the SL economy!!

    Geraldine Tuesday, 11 October 2022 02:28 PM

    Idiotic bandula should be advised to keep his big gap shut at all times. Making contradictory statements only create unrest among the people.

    Sokrates Tuesday, 11 October 2022 02:29 PM

    Sri Lanka cannot downgrade itself if the conditions (annual per capita income) are not met. Such nonsense comes out when an idiotic singer and filmmaker acted as cabinet spokesman.

    vince Tuesday, 11 October 2022 02:45 PM

    Bandula is as stupid as they come even though he is supposed to be an intellect. Perhaps he is like Namal who has a dubious law degree.

    Lamk Tuesday, 11 October 2022 03:08 PM

    People don't have food to eat ? Some families eat one time a day ? Some children can't go to school Some school.feed their children Some mothers can't feed their children Some couples can't have babies due poverty and expected starvation . Many children are malnourished and Yet now these politicians fight for this name sake ..

    Seqi Tuesday, 11 October 2022 03:11 PM

    A rift..... a grift .... adrift.... a spokesman for nothing really, Bundula is fretting because of his shadow, soon all and sundry will be barking. Slow learners can't get enough of him.

    Gayantha Hemachandra Tuesday, 11 October 2022 03:26 PM

    Joke of the Looters… It is true while all politicians keep their upper income level, their cronies in middle income level and of course, the ordinary people should keep their lower income level fighting for food, medicine and other essentials… WONDER IN ASIA….. HIP HIP HURAY …..HIP HIP HURAY ….

    Travis Tuesday, 11 October 2022 03:32 PM

    We will be below low income if the rajapaksala come back power

    Jef Tuesday, 11 October 2022 04:21 PM

    Pls do something constructive people are suffering inflation cost of basic essentials need fixing rather talking things that not relevant at precent conditions that need solutions who cares about levels of income majority been suffering well over soomany years for the last 1year people even can't buy important essentials with income they get without creating issues do something to fix the problems creat a macanisam to archive prosperity for the nation

    Mondawada Pissu Tuesday, 11 October 2022 04:45 PM

    This is the kind of trick everyone who love to do. If they have to pay tax, why not say the income is lower, and somehow hide the real fact to advantage... But to show others about our not actual greatness show the true income (or falsely exaggerated) so they will give bigger allowances. Seems like an economic crime against the world our nations or is politicians making in the works.

    C Fernando Tuesday, 11 October 2022 08:22 PM

    What is a "reverse graduation" policy if not a downgrade? The only softener the PMD has added is "for a limited period of time". RW thinks he's being very clever by using fancy terminology but let's face it, a "reverse graduation" is no different to a downgrade. Useless semantics.

    veraan de mel Tuesday, 11 October 2022 10:52 PM

    Sri Lanka will become prosperous only when the foreign dollar bank accounts of the rogue politicians are brought back to sri lanka and these guys thrown to jail

    GHT Tuesday, 11 October 2022 10:58 PM

    No, not at all, President and the Cabinet of Ministers have good relationship, some bad elements seem trying to destabilize the smooth activities of the government.

    Demuni Uduwara Wednesday, 12 October 2022 02:31 AM

    At least President should admit the bitter truth, now !

    IGNATIUS RASIAH Wednesday, 12 October 2022 03:25 AM

    I always knew this bugger is a fool. I am right as always where politics in Sri Lanka is concerned.

    Mohan Wednesday, 12 October 2022 03:56 AM

    You can't pick and choose whether you are middle income or low income. You get automatically categorised based on your income.

    Kalu coat Wednesday, 12 October 2022 05:46 AM


    Nandasena R Wednesday, 12 October 2022 06:40 AM

    It is a surprise how this buffoon has wormed his way into being in the cabinet for so long. Perhaps this shows the IQ level required to be a minister in SL cabinet.

    Terrence Wednesday, 12 October 2022 08:13 AM

    Where is the man who spoke of "Vistas of Splendor" who led this country to "Vistas of Destruction" He should now should be crowned in one of the top places in the Guinness Book of records ?

    Kumaran, wattala Wednesday, 12 October 2022 08:39 AM

    Ranil came to power promising he will change the system. What has he done he is working hard to bring the Rajapksas to powerand supress the legitimate demands of the affected people..he is walking on top of the corpsesto sit on his throne. Our country is now catogorised as a very poor country.. the cgildren are suffering from malnutrition. Rulers are fighting for more posh posts and comforts .may the god above punish these culprits..

    janp Wednesday, 12 October 2022 09:38 AM


    Dhane Wednesday, 12 October 2022 10:07 AM

    Question is who lied about cabinet decisions. President or Bandula. One should apologise and/or resign for lying to people

    Anthony. R Wednesday, 12 October 2022 10:12 AM

    Bandana go back to school, with Namal baby. Without opening your idiotic gap about what you are Not Aware of. Here the Nation is suffering of malnourished children, people starving without proper meals, who are you fooling.

    Prof Lalith Goonatilake Wednesday, 12 October 2022 10:22 AM

    This is a huge joke. We (the CABINET) cannot classify ourselves a low income or middle income country. The classification is by the World Bank (middle-income countries (MICs) are defined as economies with a gross national income (GNI) per capita between $1,036 and $12,535). Definitely our GNI has dropped and a downgrade is mandatory. For the PUNDITS an anecdote. There were around 50 Countries classified as LEAST DEVELOPED COUNTRIES (LDC) in the past. Maldives only moved out in 2011, though they were technically a middle income country for many years. They delayed graduation because they benefited from the EU concessions of zero import duties for LDCs.

    Yasalalaka Tissa Wednesday, 12 October 2022 10:39 AM

    These chaps are thinking of fooling the world, the same way they fool the idiots in Sri Lanka

    Jeerathie Appanama Thursday, 13 October 2022 02:17 AM

    Do we have a decently elected president of SL? He came through a Coo originated by 134 crooks and thieves. Now they are playing again - some are dropping crocodile tears - Mina Kaputa are laughing!! What a wonderful progress in SL!!

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