New laws planned to control wetland destruction and illegal constructions

Colombo, June 10 (Daily Mirror) - New laws are to be enacted to control the destruction of wetlands, including illegal constructions and they are negotiating with all government agencies to reach a common consensus, Housing, Construction and Cultural Affairs Ministry Secretary W.S. Sathyananda said.

While addressing the media, he said this common consensus is to prepare a programme that gathers all the knowledge to implement these policies as a model country for the conservation and protection of wetlands, and the protection of the biodiversity associated with them.

The media briefing was held to inform about the first conference of the International Wetland Park Association in Australia, New Zealand and Asia, and the conference is scheduled to be held from June 17 to 21 at the Diyasaru Park, Battaramulla.

"We also hope to implement the maximum laws against the destruction of wetlands. It is a difficult task for us as an organization to do it alone in carrying out the programme of wetland protection. For that, the support of the people of this country is needed. Many environmental problems can be solved through wetlands. Wetlands also help with flood control. It provides 39% more water-holding capacity. Many programmes have been organized to strengthen the economy by using wetlands for tourism,” Sathyananda said.

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