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Anura Kumara to leave for India tomorrow on official invitation

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Colombo, Feb. 04 (Daily Mirror)- A group led by NPP leader Anura Kumara Dissanayake is to leave for India tomorrow on an official invitation by the Indian government, party sources said.

Parliamentarian Vijitha Herath,  NPP Secretary Dr. Nihal Abeysinghe and National Executive Member Prof. Anil Jayantha will accompany the NPP leader.

They are to hold official meetings tomorrow.

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  • DOT Sunday, 04 February 2024 07:32 PM

    Remember ; your founder had a different agenda

    Good Exposure Monday, 05 February 2024 10:23 AM

    Good he’s visiting important economic power houses

    Aram Sunday, 04 February 2024 07:34 PM

    Jvp must change their stand on India otherwise they cannot come to power though people support him

    Tissa Fernando Sunday, 04 February 2024 07:45 PM

    Indians are going to lay down their conditions in case he wins so there is no change in the current policy of India first stand.

    lion Monday, 05 February 2024 04:56 AM

    Thissa they will certainly win and they will never betray the interest of srilankan

    Chux Sunday, 04 February 2024 07:51 PM

    He can probably teach how to destroy an economy

    VOC Sunday, 04 February 2024 10:15 PM

    Why should he teach us when we have already been taught by the Bandaranaike’s, Rajpakse’s , Wickremasinghe’s and Premadasas. Just shows that we never learn and continue be in the trap of these past rogues.

    Tissa Fernando Sunday, 04 February 2024 10:23 PM

    @VOC, The JVP too are responsible for the current bad situation. They destroyed the creativity, they brought in failed theories and messed up young minds, they did active sabotage activities, all these cost trillions of lost opportunities to the nation. They are all the same.

    Amara Monday, 05 February 2024 12:25 AM

    LOL! Your couldn't be a Sri Lankan. It's not destroyed yet. :D hillarious! :D :D

    Previous Rulers Ruin SL Monday, 05 February 2024 07:17 AM

    Did previous rulers did a good job? Did you just got up from a good long slumber ?

    Ivon Silva Monday, 05 February 2024 08:06 AM

    Well said VOC

    warren Monday, 05 February 2024 08:37 AM

    @VOC - we all remember what the JVP guys did in the 70s and late 80s. Those who went against them were assassinated, and the relatives of the innocent victims were forced to take the bodies below the knee level. National assets were destroyed en mass. They disrupted the education system by forcing the school students to strike. The list goes on.

    Bumboy Monday, 05 February 2024 08:54 AM

    Typical idiotic comment by a government lucky.

    Sam Silva Monday, 05 February 2024 06:34 PM

    @Warren Very true what you have said. But there are quite of our people did not experience the jvp Era. To make point to them is very difficult and they think the jvp is going to rescue the country and them.

    SK Sunday, 04 February 2024 08:15 PM

    It's pretty obvious people should aware India is bullies our tiny island nation for big times for long time. Let us united against the common enemy.

    Mahila Monday, 05 February 2024 05:30 AM

    'Aye Parrippu Kandeda'??? 1987 to 1990 was not enough!???

    Thomas Dharmachandra Monday, 05 February 2024 09:15 AM

    Your information creates a wrong information on India in the minds of Sri Lankans. We have to adjust and live with giants like India and China, Thank God, China is NOT OUR NEIGHBOUR

    Raven Sunday, 04 February 2024 08:18 PM

    As a politician how can he neglect his duties and go on tours? At least if he's president he could have official duties but he's only the Facebook president.

    Idiot vox Monday, 05 February 2024 09:04 AM

    Narrow minded comment by a government lackey.

    Steve Sunday, 04 February 2024 08:37 PM

    What's cooking ?

    Sena Monday, 05 February 2024 09:53 AM

    Even India knows who's going to be the next President of SL.

    Bushel Sunday, 04 February 2024 09:00 PM

    Day after tomorrow China will invite This is all about geopolitical game going on in sri Lanka and people are suffering

    Ray Monday, 05 February 2024 09:20 AM

    that will not happen ,China never choose sides, and play dirty games.

    Mahila Monday, 05 February 2024 07:14 PM

    China, Plays a Very CLEAN GAME!!!??? Except in the case exporting Organic "KUNU KANDE" and charge USD 6.7 MILLION by LC!!!??? Very well Dependable and AMBA YALUWA!!!???

    B Sunday, 04 February 2024 09:25 PM

    RAW must be knowing the next leader !!!! Of SL

    Dee Sunday, 04 February 2024 10:02 PM

    Must be to know how a country could be destroyed!

    Zak Monday, 05 February 2024 03:22 AM

    Well do we really need to learn from India about how to destroy our country.. don’t you think our current and past leaders are masters of this ?

    Ranjith Monday, 05 February 2024 09:27 AM

    All the best AKD next President thank you for coming forward to protect our country.

    Ranjith Sunday, 04 February 2024 10:54 PM

    We have to accept NPP has come a long way and now NPP is very popular among the youth and now even among the senior citizens, soon they will be in power that's the reason IMF had a meeting with them during their last visit to srilanka and now India, no point slinging mud at AKD and SP battle is between them people are thinking out of the box.

    johan Monday, 05 February 2024 01:37 PM

    Yes most of the commenters think that President,PM and Finance Ministers are to UNP and SLPP and SLFP only.People chose them with their luring words during election campaign finally get stranded.NPP will have more work to control recurrent expenses and funds on useless elections. SL is s small country could be contained with two elections if public give them good majority to slash the election expenses.Only eying revenue will not help SL to rebuild.

    Lk Sunday, 04 February 2024 11:19 PM

    India knows what is going in politics in SL.

    Sunil Sunday, 04 February 2024 11:21 PM

    Anura Kumara please make sure you take your own food or take along a cook with you. There is a lot of meaning in what I say.

    Observer Monday, 05 February 2024 01:07 AM

    India to tell him unless there is two states in SL, it has no chance to improve. He will be reminded that India has 29 states.

    Banda Monday, 05 February 2024 02:00 AM

    Until Sri Lanka produces a young bright courageous leader, we have to continue having third rate leaders all worshiping the Indian bully.

    Rohan Gunasekera Monday, 05 February 2024 02:50 AM

    Great the future government of the people need to build strong alliances with our neighbours. Victory to JVP.

    Jayavewa Monday, 05 February 2024 02:52 AM

    You have the support and the blessings of all uncorrupted genuine hard-working people of the nation.

    Natalie Nanayaka Monday, 05 February 2024 02:55 AM

    There will be plenty of negative comments by the corrupt henchmen, drug dealers and presidents media unit because their dirty underhand activities will come to an end.

    Thinker Monday, 05 February 2024 03:09 AM

    Nice to see a convoy of ppl accompany him, so can imagine when NPP comes to power. It will be the same, what is the difference between SLFP, SLPP, UNP, SBJ and NPP nothing, everyone was in power at some point in time but no difference.

    Mithun Monday, 05 February 2024 02:34 PM

    Only two or three accompanied him not hired a charter flight like MR

    L Jaya Monday, 05 February 2024 03:36 AM

    AKD always accompanies Vijith H, and couple of PhDs as shield against Englist, Finance and Economics. This is how he plays.

    L Jaya Monday, 05 February 2024 03:36 AM

    AKD always accompanies Vijith H, and couple of PhDs as shield against Englist, Finance and Economics. This is how he plays.

    Gayantha Hemachandra Monday, 05 February 2024 03:59 AM

    Indian Government invitation to NPP Leadership shows that international community is slowly recognising, stepping up and cultivating ties with our Red Brothers

    George Monday, 05 February 2024 04:38 AM

    AKD was criticizing President's for his overseas travels. Now he has started travelling overseas with his group.

    George Monday, 05 February 2024 04:40 AM

    Why he is not taking Harini?

    lion Monday, 05 February 2024 04:55 AM

    India has sensed what is going to happen in political arena in Srilanka. One thing we are sure that NPP never betray the nation that they have trusted since they have no personal interest as the previous rulers who governed this country.

    Ruwan Monday, 05 February 2024 06:50 AM

    There's nine more months for elections hahaha. Has India been fooled by the election ratings and forecasts so early?

    kumar Monday, 05 February 2024 07:01 AM

    Blaming others for one's own shortcomings is a common habit among Sri Lankans. India is seen by Sri Lankans as their lone enemy in the world. Unfortunately, India is surrounded by its worst enemies. Most likely Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and China. Of them, India believes that Sri Lanka by itself poses less of a threat than the other two opponents. strives to be pleasant and soften its stance towards Sri Lanka as a result. Prominent diplomats and political analysts from Sri Lanka are aware that building positive relations with India is important regardless of personal preferences.

    Gp Monday, 05 February 2024 07:26 AM

    India feeling the NPP pot on the stove...

    Adwani Monday, 05 February 2024 07:33 AM

    If starts Anti-Indian stance after winning, Modi will give birth to another duplicate hero Prabha.

    Sandy Monday, 05 February 2024 07:42 AM

    Burn vehicles and throw stones to develop the country

    Think deeply Monday, 05 February 2024 11:23 AM

    Y it happened due to corrupted government ?did you believe through legal action can control the government?

    Amith Monday, 05 February 2024 08:36 AM

    India is a friend and brother indeed....

    Sambo Monday, 05 February 2024 08:41 AM

    Many party and politicians and their henchman seem to be very jealous because Anura was invited to India while non of the top people were not given an oppotunity.

    beggars can't be choosers Monday, 05 February 2024 08:45 AM

    India's RAW must be having a clear idea about the pulse of Sri Lankan voters and there will be a massive political change in the island. India has several major interest in Sri Lanka. 1. Limit Chinese influence and to prevent Sri Lanka from turning into another Maldives. 2. Maintain political and economic stability in the island. 3. The devolution of power into the North and East. 4. To control Sri Lankan economy and keep it dependent on India. There are no permanent friends and enemies in international relations. Sri Lanka must maintain anon-aligned foreign policy and stay away from big power political alliances. It must develop its economy, repay all the debts as early as possible and regain its lost sovereignty.

    Terrence K Monday, 05 February 2024 08:58 AM

    Will he have to take an Interpreter along with him because the public have never seen him speak except the vernacular language!!!!!!!!!!!

    Dinesh Monday, 05 February 2024 09:05 AM

    Business leaders are meeting Anura, India is inviting Anura...Went to US,,,,,What does all this mean? The next leaders is Anura. Once the others realise this they will all want to join NPP

    Asiri Monday, 05 February 2024 10:22 AM

    No way that a party rooted in violent anti people and anti state terrorism will be elevated in Sri Lanka.

    Reality Monday, 05 February 2024 11:18 AM


    සිංහල කතාකරන එක මදි කුමක්ද? Monday, 05 February 2024 12:15 PM

    Speaking English isn't the most important thing. Most leaders use professional interpreters. Chinese and Japanese leaders always use interpreters. Mr. Modi speaks Hindi and uses an interpreter. Present Japanese prime minister was educated in the US and speaks better English than our erudite president, however, he always uses a professional interpreter from foreign ministry. AKD has a lot of experience talking to ambassadors including the Indian High Commissioner. We should come out of this feudalistic 3rd class mentality.

    King Kong Monday, 05 February 2024 09:46 AM

    Building strong ties is vital for the government in waiting. Bye bye dinosaurs....

    Sena Monday, 05 February 2024 09:55 AM

    Yes, goodbye Golden Oldies.

    Change Monday, 05 February 2024 11:17 AM

    Good move if you wish to come power you need to move based on geo politics rather than traditional policy/agenda You have good leadership character to lead the country but you need to work hard achieve this task

    Ishan Malik Monday, 05 February 2024 11:20 AM

    All the best comrade

    Willow Drive Monday, 05 February 2024 11:27 AM

    It is very clear now the outcome of next elections

    saman Monday, 05 February 2024 11:27 AM

    Not a good idea. Please learn lessons from what happened to others.

    Lakmal Monday, 05 February 2024 12:00 PM

    Remember how good these guys were in spreading messages throughout the country instilling fear an trepidation in the late 80's? They are using those proven techniques enhanced by their social media teams to make is believe that they are now very popular. It's the traditional well oiled misinformation machinery of the JVP in overdrive. How many common people they slaughtered then. How much of the economic infrastructure they destroyed and gloated over? The majority of our people are not idiots.

    Fred Monday, 05 February 2024 12:39 PM

    Some interesting comments from Beggars can't be Choosers above.I like the last sentence which shows that beggars Can be choosers by working hard developing the economy and paying your debts

    Abd Monday, 05 February 2024 12:40 PM

    Indian invitation indicates,he will certainly succeed in presidential race,

    Volker Metzger Monday, 05 February 2024 12:40 PM

    An official invitation to India does not make a party leader a statesman and AKD is a long way from being one!!! But Sri Lanka needs someone like this if it wants to solve its huge problems!!! For example, where are his party's convincing economic policy concepts and programs to lead the country and the rising generations into a secure future!? Anura Kumara has so far shown nothing that would qualify him to be a strong, convincing and sovereign president!!!

    Bandu Monday, 05 February 2024 12:53 PM

    What is JVP economic policy. Support loss making government companies. Distribute wealth from middle class to the rest - make everybody poor. Sirima tried this in 1970, food queues , starvation. Sadly other countries have learned their lesson and changed course. In SL people don't learn, keep making the same mistake.

    Wiseman Tuesday, 06 February 2024 09:31 AM

    Are you deaf? They have been talking about manufacturing locally, creating production based economy, boost export economy (Fish, Minerals etc). Cut down unnecessary govt spending. Accountability of MPs, and performance management of MPs

    Percy Wijenayake Monday, 05 February 2024 01:04 PM

    As a Leader it is your duty to visit countries and make contacts with World Leaders, it is not a waste. Top Priority is to wipe out corruption and step up production with hardworking people irrespective of their creed.

    Paddy Monday, 05 February 2024 04:21 PM

    JVP was against all Indian products in 80s, when they were ruling and threatening the country by using hand written chits. Why going to India now?

    Wiseman Tuesday, 06 February 2024 09:25 AM

    All you oldies cry about JVP. Simply they resorted to violence when JR arbitrarily banned their party so that UNP can win without any competition. Anyhow, their ideology and policies have changed after joining hands with NPP. Seems they have the best plan and party discipline at the moment than any other party.

    Jayakarthik Tuesday, 06 February 2024 01:43 PM

    It is a very good move both on the part of india as well as jvp. Polls are predicting anura will win and i hope that tamils of north east will atlast get a lasting solution to ethnic problem. All the best anura. From india

    Samantha Tuesday, 06 February 2024 05:38 PM

    Invitation and arrange or ask for a in itation are two different phenomenons. LoL

    Jeanne Wednesday, 07 February 2024 03:12 AM

    A leopard will never change its spots. This party was founded on terrorism and violence. So, would you let the LTTE enter Sri Lankan politics? All these Sinhala modayas are easily fooled and make the stupidest and most embarrassing comments on our political situation. Let the dinosaurs be. At least they can communicate intelligibly with world leaders and can help our country financially and socially.

    Padmasiri J.K. Wednesday, 07 February 2024 04:08 PM


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