Market Continued to Dip – 23/11/2010

The All Share Price Index dipped 61.6 points to close at 6,454.2 points (-1.0%), whilst the Milanka Price Index also dipped 97.5 points to close at 6,980.4 points (-1.4%).

 The total turnover was LKR1,203.2 mn (USD10,789.1 k)  vs. 12-month average daily turnover of LKR2,288.6 mn (USD20,521.9 k) whilst the volume traded for the day was 75,067 k against the 12-month average daily volume of 65,580 k.

 Top traded counters were Commercial Bank LKR185.5 mn (USD1,663.4 k, -1.4%), Sampath Bank  LKR164.3 mn (USD1,473.3 k , -0.2%), Bukit Darah LKR50.0 mn (USD448.4 k, +0.8%), Hatton National Bank  LKR43.3 mn (USD388.3 k, -0.1%) and Chemical Industries Colombo LKR43.2 mn (USD387.4 k, +0.2%)

Colombo bourse continued to dip however activity level remains healthy. Commercial Bank saw institutional and high net worth interest during the day where it contributed for circa 15.0% of day’s turnover. Sampath Bank and Hatton National Bank witnessed institutional and high net worth interest where the sectoral contribution for the day stood at 52.6%. Further Institutional interest was seen in Bukit Darah and Chemical Industries Colombo during the day.


A net inflow of foreign funds were seen during the day, where foreign purchases amounted to LKR327.9 mn (USD2,940.3 k), whilst foreign sales amounted to LKR202.7 mn (USD1,817.6 k).


Market capitalization is at LKR2,136.5 bn. YTD market performance is up 90.6%.

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