NDB Launches the First Ever Seasonal Augmented Reality Campaign In Sri Lanka

National Development Bank (NDB) has been a benchmark for banks in financially empowering Sri Lanka through nearly four decades of excellence and experience. Through integrity, sincerity, accountability and creativity, NDB have been and aim to continue being a catalyst in the financial services industry by empowering the nation.

This year, NDB has introduced an innovative and exciting campaign for the festive season along with Good Life Credit Cards. The bank launched the first ever augmented reality (AR) campaign in Sri Lanka.Along with the use of multiple layered placement technology and 3D animation technologies, this campaign engages customers in a unique way.

It is a well-known fact that Christmas is a time of heavy advertising clutter with regards to special credit card offers. Therefore, it takes something really special to break through all the clutter. NDB have succeeded in doing just that with their unique campaign which is the first of its kind in the country. Having been launched on the 4th of December and aimed at bringing out the joyous and exciting nature of the festive season, NDB have ensured anyone can take part in this AR campaign and stand a chance to win many exciting prizes. The positioningis perfectly aligned with its seasonal campaign“Hot offers” What’s more commendable is how NDB have effectively used the brand mascot, the NDB Good Life Credit Card, to liven up and bring to life the joyous nature of the season. 

With precise and in-depth attention to detail, NDB have maintained a consistent and clear call to action on all the material they have implemented such as the digital content, x-pennants, leaflets, and table tops. Moreover, the fact that any customer can conveniently take part in this campaign contributes towards its specialty as too often exclusivity is a factor that puts off customers from engaging with firms. However, all that any customer has to do is to simply scan certain artwork at select merchants in order to be eligible to win exciting prizes; and then share it on Facebook. 

SanjayaSenarath, the Vice President of Marketing and Customer Experience had this to say about this successful Christmas campaign “We are extremely happy to be a part of such an innovative initiative. To have the first ever augmented reality campaign in Sri Lanka is something that we as a bank have always wanted to do and felt that this was the perfect time to launch it. We are very pleased with the results. We always aim to do something different and new.

The campaign has also enabled NDB to create and increase awareness of the offers available, as well as to acquire new card members. In a day and age where people come across a lot of information and content that feels repetitive, this unique augmented reality campaign introduced by NDB is without doubt a breath of fresh air


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