NelFarms launches new corporate brand identity

The new NelFarms (Noorani Estates (Pvt.) Ltd) logo and corporate brand identify were unveiled by Noorani Estates (Pvt.) Ltd Director Noordeen Sethwala at Ramada Hotel, in the presence of the company’s board of directors, senior management and distinguished guests, recently.

 At the launch, NelFarms was also awarded SLS certification for both its egg farms (7 Hills Farm and Mangala Eliya Farm). The award was presented by Sri Lanka Standards Institution (SLSI) Director General Dr. L.N. Senaweera.

NelFarms has delivered high-quality poultry products for seven decades and was the pioneer in catering to the country’s growing demand for clean, safe and highquality table eggs.

According to NelFarms, the revamping is carried out to align with the current trends and also effectively communicate the quality and reliability that the brand represents. NelFarms is an ISO 22000, HACCP and GMP certified organisation and delivers a promise of trusted excellence.

NelFarms was incorporated in 1942 and initially focused on tea, rubber and coconut production. In 1974, the company moved its focus to poultry production and has thereafter experienced steady growth.

Today, NelFarms is one of the largest poultry farming operations in Sri Lanka. The company comprises of breeder farms and hatcheries for both broiler and layer day-old chicks as well as commercial layer farms comprising state-of-the-art egg farming facilities.

“NelFarms is a leading producer of commercial layers and continuously invests in modern, industry-leading facilities to maximise the level of disease protection and optimize the poultry house environment for the wellbeing of all flocks,” the company said in a media statement.

Commenting on NelFarms’ new brand identity, NelFarms (Noorani Estates (Pvt.) Ltd) Managing Director Noordeen Sethwala stated, “NelFarms is a family business that has been supporting Sri Lanka’s economy for over 70 years. The company has maintained close relationships with over 1000 farmers and suppliers and in doing so, supports the livelihoods of many families across the country.

By refreshing NelFarms’ brand identity, the company will communicate its promise of quality, trust and excellence more effectively. NelFarms delivers complete traceability and accountability throughout the entire production process and has earned the ISO 22000, HACCP and GMP marks that reaffirm the company’s claims.”

Producing high-quality eggs is a core aspect of the NelFarms business operation. According to the company, its egg farming operation in Hatton is built on systematic processes and quality measures.

“NelFarms is a fully integrated layer operation that ensures complete control of each process of the operation. NelFarms’ hens are fed a well-balanced diet, which is rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals; additionally, a clean and calm environment is created for the hens. The proprietary feed formulation is responsible for the trademark golden yolk eggs produced by NelFarms.

The entire egg farming operation at NelFarms is extremely sterilized, which ensures that all NelFarms eggs are safe and wholesome. None of the NelFarms eggs are fertilized and therefore, none of the eggs contain life,” the media statement said.

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