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By Srimal Fernando
Life in Italy means full of cherished moments, experiences and awe-inspiring entertainments. Italy a peninsula bordering Mediterranean Sea is situated in the southern part of Europe, south-east of France. Sardinia and Sicily are the two main islands of the country. Each year millions of visitors are drawn to its world famous towns Rome, Florence, Milan, Venice and Sicily to see its rich culture, pristine beaches, aquamarine seas, as well as its glitzy shopping malls, boutiques and colorful markets. Unparalleled in its diversity, the country offers delights ranging from fine wines and exceptional cuisine to high art and great historical remnants. It reflects the spirit of enlightenment and elegance, existed among its people. The country has transformed from a traditional agricultural society to a progressive and industrialized state.

This over whelming diversity makes the cultural scene of the country very fascinating. Italian lifestyle is a mixture of relaxing over a delicious meal, celebrating an impressive game of soccer and socializing with friends and family. Italy produced some of the greatest painters, sculptors, poets, musicians and architects in history. The people of the country are warm, welcoming who enjoy sharing the pleasures of life with others. The country is known for its rich cultural heritage and traditions, which has a strong German, Arabic, Greek, French and Spanish influence. One can find a mixture of various arts and cultural scenarios in the country. Italy has deep Roman Catholic roots.

The country is not just admired for its beauty but also for its fabulous dances and music. Music and dance is an integral part of the life of Italians. Indeed, the songs and dances are woven into the very fabric of everyday life. Out of all the European countries, Italy has perhaps one of the most diverse collections of popular music forms. There is pure, unbridled joy to watch an Italian join in with the signing and dancing in their own distinctive ways. Italy has produced very significant names in the world of classical music over the past few hundred years. The country’s music is generally eclectic. Italians are natural musicians, who love to hear and sing good music. (To be contd.)

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