Asiri Brain and Spine Centre gives hope to 10-year-old boy

Renowned for its expertise in diagnosing and treating neurological disorders, the Brain and Spine Centre at Asiri Central Hospital successfully conducted and concluded treatment of one of the most heart-warming neurological cases reported in the Sri Lankan history.

The 10-year-old patient, Mast. W.A.D.S.K. Nethmina of Embilipitiya, was a student who excelled in his studies as he proved himself well at the year five scholarship exam last year. 

His results ranked ninth best all-island and he had high hopes of receiving a scholarship to a school in Colombo but his dreams were shattered as he was a victim of an unfortunate motor accident which took place in October 2015 and left him suffering from a serious brain injury.

The child was first admitted to the National Hospital in Colombo and was treated for a frontal fracture and foreign bodies with a CSF leak, which was medically managed. 

Although he was discharged a week later, he developed complications that led the parents to admit him to the Embilipitiya hospital, where he was then transferred to the Neurological Unit at the Karapitiya Teaching Hospital, where he was diagnosed with meningitis and subdural empyema and underwent multiple operations. Upon getting discharged, the patient was still not responding and had no limb movements.
The child was then admitted to Asiri Central Hospital and was attended to immediately under the guidance of Asiri Central Hospital Consultant Neurosurgeon Dr. Sunil Perera and his team, as he needed urgent surgery.
CT scans that were performed at the Asiri Brain and Spine Centre, revealed a large cyst in the right frontal region with severe hydrocephalous and a frontal craniotomy, cyst decompression along with a programmable VP shunt insertion, was performed earlier this year and the patient 
has shown vast improvement ever since.
Little Nethmina was also fortunate to have most of his medical costs met by generous citizens of the country as well as the hospital, as most costs were waived off as an act of merit.

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