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Fake news war-mongering and the war in Ukraine - EDITORIAL

24 October 2022 12:23 am - 12     - {{hitsCtrl.values.hits}}


War, armed struggle or individuals resorting to fisticuffs, as a means to finding solutions to problems, is not an acceptable means of problem solving. Such bellicose actions rather than ending differences only exacerbate existing grievances.

A solid example of this type of mistake backfiring was the action taken by late President Jayewardene when he sent in the military to crush what was an incipient demand for a separate state by sections of the Tamil population in the north and east. The Tamils’ demands arose against perceived racially discriminative actions of the government against the community.
The attempt to militarily crush protests ballooned into a near thirty-year war, which laid waste the whole country and the created a situation where external forces were able to interfere in what was a purely domestic Lankan problem. 

It is in this light that right-thinking people find it difficult not to support Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on the grounds of its security concerns; while at the same time recognising the danger Russia feels exposed to by the possibility of NATO troops and missiles in its back yard. 

In like manner, those who promote and encourage Ukraine to join the NATO alliance, without reference to Russian fears, are equally responsible for the creation of a situation that led to Russia initially annexing Crimea and has now led to a full-blown war between the two states.

Even more sad has been the fact the US and its NATO allies in Europe, instead of attempting to negotiate a settlement are escalating tensions by providing millions of dollars’ worth armaments to Ukraine to continue the war.
Russia demands Ukraine not to be a partner of the NATO alliance as it brings US and NATO troops to Russia’s door. Unfortunately, rather than negotiate, both the US and its West European allies continue pouring more modern and destructive weapons into Ukraine.

Today the war in Ukraine is in danger of spreading beyond the European theatre and into the Middle East by design rather than accident. 
In its 20 October (2022) issue, UK’s ‘The Telegraph’ -a mouth-piece of Britain’s ruling Conservative Party reported in banner headlines “Iran has declared war on Britain and the West. The mischievous column claims Iran is playing an active role in the conflict and siding openly with Putin”.

As proof of “Iran’s declaration of war against Britain and the West” the article blames Iran for not condemning Russia for the invasion of Ukraine. It also condemns Iran for blaming the US and West for disregarding Russia’s security concerns. Finally it describes Iran’s sale of ‘killer drones’ to Russia as the ultimate proof that Iran has declared war on Britain and the West! 

Either the writer is ignorant of history, or chooses to ignore it. Russia still holds what were earlier Iranian territories in Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia -seized by Russia during in the 19th century. It would be as difficult for Pakistan and India to regard each other as friends as it would be for Iran to look at Russia as a friendly power.
A mistake people in the West make is, as the late South African leader -Nelson Mandela put it, is their (West’s) belief that their enemies “should be our enemies...”. 

The US and Britain funded a coup in Iran (1953) which overthrew the elected prime minister of that country and imposed the Shah as Iran’s leader, to protect Britain’s hold on Iranian oil resources which were threatened with nationalisation by the then Iranian premier.  The Shah ran a brutally repressive regime, enforced by the notorious Savak secret police. He was backed all the way by the British and American governments 
That Iranians do not look with sympathy at either Russia or the US and its western alliance is therefore not surprising 

This column has at all times been critical of war and/or aggression as a means of settling differences. Equally guilty however, are those nations, and business interests who promote war-mongering and use of hate-speech as a means to promote war and crises to take forward their own agendas.

The spurious charge that Iran has declared war on Britain and the West is a classic example of raising false alarms and attempting to extending the war beyond its present borders. 
It is in reality, another effort to control Iranian oil resources and impose still more sanctions against a nation which has taken stands independent of big-power politics.

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  • Sokrates Monday, 24 October 2022 10:07 AM

    It seems to me that the same journalist defends Putin and his barbaric war against a free and democratic country on a weekly basis. It looks like he is a troll of the Russian embassy. The fact is that in 2014 Russia invaded and illegally annexed Crimea, which is Ukrainian territory, especially considering that Crimea is home to the naval base of the former Soviet Black Sea Fleet, one of the few ice-free ports for Russia. In February, Russia illegally invaded Ukraine again, allegedly because Nazis rule there and Ukraine wants to turn to NATO. Mind you, NATO is a purely defensive alliance and not an offensive alliance. However, Russia is a ruthless aggressor, absorbing other countries. Every country is free to join NATO, as Finland and Sweden are now doing for fear of Russia. If the Baltic countries weren't members of NATO, Putin would have invaded them long ago. It is therefore justifiable for NATO to support Ukraine in its defense against a cruel dictatorship.

    lanka peiris Monday, 24 October 2022 03:20 PM

    Sokrates is a western puppet. Ukraine was a part of the USSR before it was given independence. Under the Warsaw pact agreement Russia agreed to the separation of Ukraine and other states which belonged to USSR. All these years there was no war among these countries, did Putin invade any country? How many countries has the US, UK and other western nations invaded during this time? It is the NATO backed by the US, EU which carried on expanding into these countries. This is just to sell western arms and deploy 1000's of western armed forces employment in these countries! Hegemony of the West................

    Dieter Ulrich, born in DDR Monday, 24 October 2022 04:06 PM

    You are right, but I am sick and tired trying to explain the truth and situation. People don't want to listen or believe, because the truth about Putin is too inconvienant to them and someone has to be blamed. The racists Sri Lankans are happy to blame the white Western world for everthing what is going wrong in Sri Lanka. We were not even born when Sri Lanka became independance though. We will never ever be part of the USSR again. Putin not only occupied parts of Ukraine, but also 20 percent of sovereign Georgia. All these civilians and also Russian who have to fight this war HATE Putin.

    Dieter Ulrich, born in DDR Monday, 24 October 2022 06:05 PM

    Lanka peiris: if you were born in the USSR dictatorship like me, you will understand you are talking complete rubbish!

    Gert Jan, the Netherlands Monday, 24 October 2022 07:59 PM

    Lanka peiris: yes, before they were given INDEPENDENCE. Therefore Ukraine (and Georgia) is an independent sovereign country invaded by Russia.

    Dieter Ulrich, born in DDR Monday, 24 October 2022 09:45 PM

    Reply to lanka peiris: you are right, Ukraine is an independent! country. These former USSR countries are not at war with eachother. Russia invaded independent Ukraine and Georgia. So what is your point? The NATO is for defence, NATO never invaded a country.

    Gert Jan, the Netherlands Monday, 24 October 2022 11:55 PM

    Dieter Ulrich: please don't involve racism in this discussion. I am mixed race myself, like a lot of Europeans are not white. By the way in March (white) Ukrainians dragged (black) African students out of the trains in which the refugees were fleeing to Poland. They stole the seats of those poor African students.

    Neutral Observer Tuesday, 25 October 2022 12:06 PM

    The West is furious at the Russian attack on Ukraine which began a few months ago. But, it is Unbelievably BLIND to the BRUTAL OCCUPATION of Palestine for 74 YEARS and counting with more than 7 million Palestinians living as Refugees in the MENA (Middle East/North Africa) region, with No End in sight for their Miserable life. Even in Refugee Camps in Occupied Palestine, the Palestinians are Brutally attacked at will by the Heartless Israeli Forces almost on a daily basis. While the West is outraged at the Russian invasion of Ukraine and is Liberally extending Military and Financial Support to Ukraine, just the OPPOSITE is being done in Palestine with the Heartless and Brutal Israeli Occupier being lavishly provided with Financial and Military Aid worth Billions of Dollars annually. Further, Western Media gives Prominent Coverage of the Russian Invasion while Israeli Brutalities on Palestinians is largely Ignored. Why this astonishingly inconceivable Double Standards by the West?

    Dieter Ulrich, born in DDR Tuesday, 25 October 2022 12:44 PM

    Neutral Observer, you are right. I am commenting on this article though. You can also mention the millions of Uyghurs in China, or the women in Iran, or Rohingya's in Myanmar, or the LGBTI communities in every Muslim country, or the Tamil mothers of missing persons in Sri Lanka, or the Muslims and Christians in Sri Lanka during Covid19 (forced to bury their loved ones), or the Russian men fleeing Russia massively at the moment, or the Coptic Christians in Erithrea, or Saudi Arabia delevering weapons to Yemen etc. etc. Also non Western countries are very silent about that. And Sri Lanka is silent about everything, also about the occupation of Palestine by the way.

    Dieter Ulrich, born in DDR Tuesday, 25 October 2022 01:37 PM

    Slip of the tongue : cremating their loved ones ofcourse, even a 20 days old child. And I forgot the Taliban regime, the Syria regime of Assad, the Armanian genocide etc. etc. Why is the nonwestern world, including Sri Lanka, silent about that too? The Ukrainian war is of my concern, because of very personal reasons : I am born in DDR and Ukraine is our neighbour European country. And we are very scared of madman Putin.

    Neutral Observer Tuesday, 25 October 2022 10:33 PM

    Dieter Ulrich, born in DDR, You miss the point. The subject is the invasion of one country by another, NOT about the treatment of citizens of one country by those in Power in that country. This does NOT mean that the Rulers in a country are free to oppress the minorities in that country. But, the Russian attack on Ukraine, the subject of the Editorial, is altogether a different matter just like the Israeli Occupation of Palestine.

    Dieter Ulrich, born in DDR Wednesday, 26 October 2022 10:51 AM

    Neutral observer: you are missing my point too: why always only blaming the Western countries for keeping silent about the occupation of Palestine, while nonwestern countries are silent too? Nonwestern countries are silent about everything. Asian countries for example are silent about the illegal occupation of Ukraine AND Palestine. And they even bypass sanctions against those countries.

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