During quarantine process Rs.7.3 bn allocated in October to provide relief

The government has provided more than Rs. 7.3 billion (Rs. 7355.53 million) to provide relief to the people who are serving the quarantine process, to control COVID-19 outbreak, the Government Information Department said yesterday.  

“These funds have been allocated for the above activities up to now after COVID-19 virus spread was reported in the Divulapitiya area again,” it said.  

In addition, the Treasury also hopes to allocate further funds as necessary at the request of relevant parties, including Government Agents.  

These funds have been allocated to provide relief packs to families quarantined in their own homes and to provide a relief allowance of Rs. 5,000 to low income families in areas where quarantine curfew has been imposed.  
An amount of Rs.2721.27 million has been allocated for the Rs.5,000/- relief allowance in the Gampaha District. Rs. 2333.60 million for the Colombo District and Rs. 1310 million for the Kalutara District for this purpose. Rs.469.57 million has been allocated for the families that are in need of relief in Kurunegala District and an Rs. 128.39 million has been allocated for the Batticaloa District.  

Accordingly, the government has allocated Rs. 6.9 billion (6962.83 million) during this period to provide an allowance of Rs. 5,000 to families who have lost their livelihoods due to the quarantine curfew.  


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