Myth Buster


MYTH: Tooth decay is mainly caused by sugar  

BUSTED: “When it comes to tooth decay caused by sugar what happens is, the oral bacteria will act on the tooth surface to produce lactic acid and erodes the tooth after a period of time. There are four factors that are involved here, sugar, tooth surface, oral bacteria and time. But the main cause for tooth decay is when any type of food particle gets lodged on top of the tooth or in between the teeth. Bacteria will act on that and produces lactic acid that erodes the enamel, and if you don’t rinse it will erode to the dentin and again if you don’t rinse it will go in to the pulp. When it erodes in to the pulp it can be very painful and there can be swelling.” explained Dr. Vipula Wickramasinghe, General Secretary of the Sri Lanka Dental Association and Regional Dental Surgeon of the Colombo District.     

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