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As human beings we eat in order to obtain required energy for day today activities and growth. What we eat turns into the form of glucose, which is the simplest and prominent source of fuel in humans. Then glucose circulating around our bodies with the help of our blood, is the main transportation method in the human body. In this process human cells absorb energy, which can be interpreted as glucose; from blood and boost the human body to keep humans alive and energetic. However, a balanced and healthy life mean your level of blood sugar must be in a control. If this level of blood sugar rises up it is a disease which we interpret as diabetes.


What is the type 2 diabetes? 
Diabetes is the most common health issue in our society today. In order to discuss further type 2 diabetes and how it affects the human body, Health Capsule was able to contact Dr. D.G.C Sandaruwan, Critical Care Medicine at the General Hospital, Colombo and his first thought was that diabetes is a non-communicable and chronic disease. 

“First we should understand the difference between type 1 and type 2 diabetes. 

Type 1 diabetes is a disease which cannot produce insulin hormones within the human body. Prominently this type is diagnosed in children or young adults. 

Type 2 diabetes is a different matter. Because in type 2 diabetes, the human body produces the insulin hormones, but human cells cannot use them well. This is known as “insulin resistancy” in the human body; in which are human cells and tissues that do not respond to insulin hormones. Furthermore type 2 diabetes is diagnosed with adult onset; at the age of 40 and upwards.” Dr.Sandaruwan stated, “….type 2 diabetes is the most common form of diabetes in human beings. Further he said “type 2 diabetes is a multi- organ complication, which often affects almost all organs of the body such as eye(cataract), brain(stroke), heart(heart disease), nerve(neuropathy),kidney(leading to kidney failure).  

And at the same time there are diabetes emergencies named as ‘hypoglycemia’ which  the blood suger is too low, ‘diabetes coma’ which is the blood suger level too high and ‘ketoacidosis’ which body produces high level of blood acids.


If you don’t do exercises adequately, it can lead to type 2 diabetes. The human body needs exercise to be healthy and energetic. Humans do not get adequate exercise due to present day life-style


Causes for type 2 diabetes
Dr.Sandaruwan stated that type 2 diabetes causes can be categorised in to two: Genetic and life-style choices. From these two causes, life-style choices is the most important reason for the onset of type 2 diabetes. … Dr.Sandaruwan stressed that  “ so when we consider the genetic factor of type 2 diabetes, a person with a family history of diabetes, faces the risk of getting type 2 diabetes. If such a person is above 40, getting type 2 diabetes is quite possible”.


Life-style causes can be detailed thus:-  
Dietary issues- Mainly it is unhealthy meal plans that lead to type 2 diabetes. Generally consuming sugar in daily meals and overeating causes the rise of blood sugar. At the same time, inactivity of insulin sensitivity in body lead you to be diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.
Physical inactivity- This is another prominent cause to type 2 diabetes. If you don’t do exercises adequately, it can lead to type 2 diabetes. The human body needs exercise to be healthy and energetic. Humans do not get adequate exercise due to present day life-style. So it is major reason for the increase of type 2 diabetes in Sri Lanka.

Over-weight –  Overeating is the major cause for obesity. And it leads to  type 2 diabetes. 


Symptoms of type two diabetes

According to Dr.Sandaruwan, there are identifiable symptoms in type two diabetes. They can be recognized as ….
Nocturia -  “Nocturia” is the prominent symptom of type two diabetes. Nocturia is excessive urination at night and the warning sign for type 2 diabetes” Dr.Sandaruwan said to health capsule. And as well as frequent urination is also identifiable symptom. 

Excessive thirst- This is also another prominent symptom of type two diabetes. Frequently feeling thirsty as a result of feeling constant dryness in the mouth.

Extreme hunger- If you are not satisfied after your meal and you always try to eat more and more reflects the symptom of type two diabetes. 


How to diagnose type two diabetes?
According to the Dr.Sandaruwan, anyone who feared of this disease can check their blood sugar levels according to the plasma levels. If you get plasma levels such as “Random sugar more than 180” or “fasting sugar more than 110”, you should consult a doctor and take care of your health. 
The above mentioned symptoms with these plasma levels are the best warnings you can get to save your life. 


Preventive methods for type two diabetes 
Dr. Sandaruwan stressed that type two diabetes is a non-commutable disease. So what we can do is only prevention. Through the prevention you can go for a healthy balanced life style. Mainly life-style modifications such as control of sugar intake, exercises for body are the most preventive methods for this disease. Because it is the most affected reason to increase the blood sugar level is due to over consuming sugar. And as prevention, patients must control their diet plan according to the doctor’s instruction. And at the same time, physical exercises are required for type two diabetes patient. If patients cannot control the disease through these life-style modifications, then doctors will instruct the use of oral medications. While taking oral medications, patients should take care of their diet plans and their physical exercises as well. If  type 2 diabetes cannot be controlled with the oral medications then under doctors advice insulin has to be supplied to them.


Points to ponder
“Considering the above mentioned factors, all humans are prone to disease if you don’t take care of yourself. The most important thing is when you notice these above mentioned symptoms at the early stage, you should consult a doctor . Patients make a big issue about the medication on type two diabetes. If you are a victim of type two diabetes and you recognize it, as soon as possible go for medications. Because most of patients think that, if they take medicine and start curing on type 2 diabetes, it severely affects their kidney. This is a myth. But if you are not taking treatment well, you can get all the complications such as kidney failures, strokes and cataracts within subsequent years . So you should go for oral medications as soon as possible if you need to be healthy. 

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