Spa Ceylon introduces Eau De Ceylon collection

Ceylon, the world’s largest luxury Ayurveda brand, has just introduced Eau De Ceylon- an innovative new range of nature inspired colognes to refresh and delight the senses. 

These aromatic blends are based on Spa Ceylon’s Aromaveda concept - combining the olfactory pleasures of natural plant oils with the Vedic benefits inherent in essential oils to promote natural well-being. 

Reminiscent of a bygone era, the light, breezy colognes take you on a blissful journey through tropical Ceylon. Made with tropical island spring water from the foothills of the Knuckles mountain range, they are blended with refreshing Ceylonese citrus fruit extracts, Ceylonese floral essences, Ceylonese herbal essential oils and other aromatic compounds to create a totally exhilarating aromatic experience. Available in four uniquely refreshing unisex fragrances, Kaffir Lime and Lemon refreshes and clarifies, Lemongrass Citron soothes and refreshes, Mandarin Spice uplifts and refreshes while Grapefruit Blossom refreshes and awakens the senses. 

Inspired by ancient Ceylonese palace art, the uniquely designed bottles come adorned with traditional Ceylonese floral motifs and capped with logo-embossed antique gold lids. Each fragrance is boxed in bright-hued boxes decorated with matching floral patterns to complete the tropical island look. A perfect fusion of the old and new, the packaging design epitomizes Spa Ceylon’s unique, contemporary design style. 

Spa Ceylon’s commitment to promoting sustainable harvesting and the use of community fair trade ingredients is carried forward in this range too, with herbs for the essential oils being sourced via sustainable agro-farming in rural Sri Lanka. These products are also free of ingredients of animal origin and have not been tested on animals. 

Presented in full size 100ml splash-ons and convenient to carry 10ml roll-ons, these make perfect tropical gifts from Ceylon - great to give and receive. As with other Spa Ceylon products, the Eau De Ceylon collection is available exclusively through Spa Ceylon’s own international network of stores in leading shopping malls, at international airports, on-board international airlines and online via the brand’s country specific online stores.

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