COVID positive mother gives birth to quadruplets

A 29-year-old COVID-19 infected mother had given birth to quadruplets at the De Soysa Hospital for Women (Teaching) Colombo today, the hospital Administration said.

They said the mother gave birth to two girls and two boys at the hospital.

The mother is a resident of the Kuppiyawatte area.

One infant out of the three was taken to the ICU due to immature conditions. While the others are in good healthy condition. 

The four infants weighed 1.6kg, 1.3kg, 1.2kg and 1.1kg at the time of birth.

No tests were conducted on the infants for COVID-19 infection, however, the infants are kept separately.

There were several childbirths by COVID-19 infected mothers at the hospital, but the infants were not infected with the virus at birth, the officer said.

A team of doctors including Gynaecologist Dr. S.A. Ruwanpathirana had successfully attended to the birth of these quadruplets. (Chaturanga Samarawickrama)

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