Picking a partner for a life-long love bond



Thanks to steadily growing opportunities for young men and women to work together, meet and know each other and share interests in real life and cyber space, love marriages have become the order of the day.  Although the conventional and arranged marriages are on the wane, still there are young men and women who prefer to find a partner the traditional way.


Even lovers consult astrologers
Belief in Astrology in our society has gained such firm ground, even the young couples who fall in love make it a point to consult an astrologer to ascertain whether their bond of love would last until the inevitable death puts them apart. 


Marriages destined to end in tragedy 
We know that some love affairs turn stormy midway and lovers go their separate ways or come to tragic ends. In certain cases, love affairs run smooth the entire course until tying the knot. But unresolvable differences and problems surface after the marriage making the life for the both miserable. 


A guide to seek a lasting love
It can be ascertained whether love between a young couple is deep, abiding and steadfast by a cursory glance at their horoscopes.

Following astrological principles will serve as a guidance for young couples seeking enduring love and lasting marital happiness to pick the suitable partner. 

The 7th House in the Natal Chart represents marriage and life partner. If the lord of the 7th House is hemmed in between two malefics in the 6th or the 8th House, the native should exercise care in selecting a partner.

For a successful marriage, Moon, Jupiter and Mars should be strong in the female Chart and Venus, Mars and Jupiter should be strong in the male Chart.

A strong Lagna lord, a strong 7th lord and an unafflicted Venus should be in both Charts for a successful marriage.

The 10th lord in the female horoscope should not be stronger than the 10th lord in the male horoscope.

There should be no Parivartana or an exchange of Houses by Sun and Saturn in both Charts.
The Lagna lord and the 7th lord placed in the 6th and the 8th Houses from the Lagna or the Moon sign is not favourable, because such a planetary position would lead to endless quarrels between 
the couple.

Malefic planets in the 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th and the 12th in both Charts can lead to an unsuccessful marriage.  Mars in any of these Houses causes the Kuja Dosha. However, there are astrological factors that nullify or cancel out the Kuja Dosha.

The 7th lord in debilitation in both Charts i.e. Venus in Virgo in the male Chart or Jupiter in Capricorn in the female Chart, could lead to problems in married life (unless there are planetary positions that nullify this blemish such as the placement of these debilitated planets in favourable signs in the Navamsa Chart or those leading to the arising of 
Neechabhanga Rajayoga.)  

The 7th lord in the 6th can lead to two marriages.  If Venus is afflicted in the male chart, the native can be impotent due to sickness or other reasons.

Malefics in the 7th from Venus can deny the native marital happiness.


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