Karakamsa – the key to open one’s inner self or soul – Part 3


Jaimini method of delineating the Karmic profile

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In the previous articles, we described certain elements that come in the Jaimini school of Astrology such as Karakamsa, Chara Karakas and Swamsa Chakra or Chart.
We hope that the readers will remember that the planet who has traversed the maximum number of degrees in the sign or in other words the planet who is closest to the 30th degree in the sign he occupies becomes Atmakaraka or the Karaka representing the soul. The other karakas in terms of the descending order of the distance covered in the given sign become Amatya-karaka, Bhatru-karaka, Matru-karaka, Pitru-karaka, Putra-karaka, Gnati-karaka and Stri-karaka and also out of all karakas, Atmakaraka is the most important one for he has the prime say on the native as a king would do over his subjects.  If the Atmakaraka is adverse, the other karakas cannot produce beneficial effects for the native in full measure. By the same token, if the Atmakaraka is beneficial, the other karakas cannot predominate with their malefic influences. 


Swamsa Chart
Predictions based on Karakamsa are made from the reading of the 12-House chart with the Karakamsa –  the Navamsa sign of Atmakaraka – as the Lagna. Jaimini scholars call this Swamsa Chart.

In the previous article, we explained the effects Karakamsa produces when it becomes each of the 12 signs as well as the different effects the planets produce when each of them is posited in the Karakamsa.

In this article we propose to explain the effects of planets occupying or influencing the Houses in the Swamsa Chart.  As we have already discussed the effects the different planets produce when each of them occupy the Karakamsa or the Swamsa Lagna itself, we now proceed to explain the effects the planets occupy or influence Houses from the Karakamsa beginning from the 2nd House. 

Effects different planets produce in Houses away from Karakamsa
The 2nd from Karakamsa:  If a sign ruled by Mars or Venus falls in this House, the native would go after other women. If Mars or Venus aspects this House, he would remain addicted to this vice until his death. If Ketu is in the 2nd from Karakamsa, in a division of Venus or Mars, such passion would not develop. However, Jupiter’s occupancy in it would cause such a malefic effect. 

The 3rd from Karakamsa:  A malefic in this would make the native valorous while a benefic would him timid. 

The 4th from Karakamsa:  Native would own mansions if the 4th from Karakamsa is occupied by Venus and the Moon. An exalted planet in the 4th would produce similar effect.  Rahu and Saturn in it would confer a house made of stones, Mars and Ketu a house made of bricks and Jupiter a house made of wood. If the Moon is alone in the 4th Karakamsa, the native would have union with wife in a house without a compound.

The 5th from the Karakamsa: If Rahu and Mars are in the 5th from Karakamsa, the native would suffer from TB.  The condition would worsen if the Moon aspects them.  Ketu’s aspect on this House would cause dysentery due to contaminated water. Fear from mean people and poison is predicted if Rahu and Gulika occupy the 5th from Karakamsa. If mercury is in it, the native would be an ascetic with a large following.  The Sun and Mars in the 5th indicate a user of knife and spear respectively.  Saturn in this House denote an archer.  Rahu and Ketu in this House make the native a machinist and a watch maker respectively. 

The Karakamsa and the 5th therefrom:     If Jupiter and the Moon are in Karakamsa or in the 5th therefrom, the native would be an author. 

Venus in the same positions will make one an ordinary writer while Mercury would make the native a mediocre writer. 

The 6th from Karakamsa: If a malefic occupies this House, the native would be an agriculturist.  If the occupant is benefic, the native would be an inactive indolent person.

The 7th from Karakamsa: native would get a beautiful wife if Jupiter and the Moon are in the 7th from Karakamsa. Venus in it would give a voluptuous wife and Mercury in it a wife proficient in arts and literature. The Sun in this House would confer a homely wife, Saturn a wife senior in age, pious or sickly and Rahu a widow. 

The 8th from Karakamsa:  The native would live long if a benefic or a Swakshetra planet occupies the 8th House.  A malefic in it would shorten the life span. A benefic -malefic combination would give a medium life span. 

The 9th from Karakamsa: The native would be truthful, devoted to elders and religion if a benefic occupies or aspects this House while a malefic in that situation would make the native religious and truthful in childhood, but would veer away from these qualities in old age. If Saturn and Rahu occupy or aspect this House, the native would be disobedient and disrespectful to elders, Jupiter and Sun would betray the elders, Mercury and Moon would cause imprisonment and if Jupiter occupies alone, the native would become addicted to the opposite sex and sensual pleasures. 
(To be continued)    


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