CIMA and ILO sign MOU on SCORE training programme

CIMA Sri Lanka launched a comprehensive partnership agreement with the International Labour Organization (ILO) and Employers’ Federation of Ceylon (EFC) recently.
This agreement marks the start of the Sustaining Competitive and Responsible Enterprises (SCORE) short programme.
CIMA Sri Lanka brings its “Global Principles on Accounting and Management” to the programme to add value to the participating enterprises.  Through this partnership, CIMA Sri Lanka aims to sharpen the inbuilt skillset of the Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) sector of the country, encourage more focus and improve the processes, so that the cost of production is reduced, improving margins while remaining competitive.
SCORE is a modular training programme that focuses on developing cooperative relations at the workplace. The five SCORE modules cover workplace cooperation, quality management, clean production, human resource management, and occupational health and safety. Each of the modules includes a joint, two-day classroom training for managers and workers and follow-up visits by experts to the participating enterprises.
SCORE short programme is a condensed version of the standard programme incorporating the key topics and tools from the five modules that ensure a more cost and time effective model that seeks to generate quicker overall results that are sustainable. The implementation methodology is based on a common platform as per the standard programme.  An online call for applications had been made and a total of 10 trainers will be trained on SCORE SP during the next few months. Of these trainers, those who meet the global standards of ILO SCORE will be certified as Lead Trainers. This initiative will help build a pool of SCORE certified resource persons who could take forward the programme. Five enterprises will be selected for the practical implementation of this programme.
Bradley Emerson, CIMA Regional Director MESANA commented, “Keeping with CIMA’s vision of helping people and businesses to succeed, this partnership with ILO and EFC is aimed at sharpening the business management skills of Sri Lanka’s SME sector.”
Jayantha de Silva, ILO SCORE Global Expert Trainer/Consultant emphasized that the rationale of the programme is that good working conditions (.i.e. health and safety, good labour relations and sound human resource practices) lead to greater productivity.  SCORE supports the respect for worker rights, efficient use of available equipment and technology and the development of a skilled workforce.
Donglin Li, ILO Country Director said that the ILO greatly values the enthusiasm and commitment that CIMA and EFC have shown in coming forward to take this programme to scale. “We see it as a great example of a strategic partnership for the benefit of the country.  The programme has demonstrated a win-win situation for both workers and employers,” he added. 
The event was held in the CIMA auditorium with the additional participation of the Secretary Ministry of Labour, Upali Wijayaweera, General Secretary of the Sri Lanka Nidhas Sevaka Sangamaya, Leslie Devendra, and Economic Officer of the Embassy of the United States, Peter Zirnite.

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