Wife of St. Anthony’s Church bomber welcomes first child

  • Muath entered wedlock some 14 months back


The wife of the suicide bomber who blew himself up at St. Anthony’s Church delivered her first baby two weeks after the dastardly Easter Sunday attacks that killed more than 250 people including the attackers, the Colombo Magistrate’s Court has been told.  

  Alawddin Ahmed Muath, the 22-year-old law graduate, was one of the nine suicide bombers who carried out a series of coordinated attacks on three churches and three deluxe hotels on April 21. 

During a court hearing last Tuesday, Muath’s father (59) Ahmed Lebbe Alawddin informed Chief Magistrate Lanka Jayaratne that his son was the fourth of his five children and that he was about to be enrolled to Colombo Law College. 

“Muath entered wedlock some 14 months back and his wife delivered their first baby on May 5. I last saw my son on April 14 when he visited his elder sister after the delivery of her first baby the previous day,” he said.  

It was revealed that on the day of the attacks, Muath’s wife had called his eldest brother to find out if he had visited his parental home. 

However, Ahmed Lebbe Alawddin informed court that he identified his son by his remains. He said he had arranged to send Rs.30,000 monthly for the expenses of his son. 
Meanwhile, Muath’s mother said her son was unemployed but had been married to a woman from Sainthamaruthu. 

One of Muath’s brothers-in-law said he had penned a note to the husband of one of his sisters which said: “Please do not search for me. I will not be coming hereafter. Please take care of my parents and pray for me.” The note was only found after his death. Meanwhile, two of Muath’s brothers were taken into custody by the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) upon detention orders issued by court. (PTI) 

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