Buddhist monks, Govt. MP against move to conduct PC elections

  • Provincial councils are nothing but a white elephant

By Kelum Bandara   

Three eminent Buddhist monks and a ruling party MP upped the ante against the government’s latest move to conduct the elections to the provincial councils which have remained defunct since 2017. 

Making his remarks to the media, Ven. Elle Gunawansa Thera said the provincial councils are nothing but a white elephant according to the opinion of most of the people. He said even people living in the north and the east and their elected representatives were not demanding the provincial councils at the moment. 
“Why is the government in a hurry to reconstitute the provincial councils? That is only to ensure posts, perks and benefits to a cabal of henchmen of the ruling side,” he said. 
Ven. Muruththettuwe Ananda Thera who is the chief incumbent of Abhayarama Temple in Colombo said the government was only trying to conduct such an election for its stooges to secure political posts. 
“They were denied ministerial posts. Now, they must be eying some posts in the provincial councils. Our opinion is that the provincial councils are unwarranted for Sri Lanka,” he said. 

Head of Pepiliyana Sunethradevi Pirivena Ven. Medagoda Abhayatissa Thera said the provincial councils would only reinforce secessionist agendas. He said a bulk of money allocated to the provincial councils is spent for the benefit of its elected representatives. 

Meanwhile, government MP Gevindu Cumaratunga said the conduct of such elections prior to the evolution of a new constitution is a step against the people’s mandate. He said the provincial councils were a phenomenon created after being succumbed to barbaric violence. 

“When seeking a two-thirds majority at the general elections, it was pledged that both the 19th Amendment and the 13th Amendment would be rectified. It is difficult to realise the one country, one law concept when there are nine provincial councils with powers for passing statutes,” he said. 


  • Government was only trying to conduct such an election for its stooges to secure political posts

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