These kids made their dads cry!

Have you seen the latest video to take Sri Lanka’s viral space by storm? Launched by AIA Insurance, the video logged in over 5500 views on YouTube and almost 115,000 views and 2000 shares on Facebook, in just a week since posting, while continuing to grow in the number of people it engages. 
Though launched for Father’s Day, the messaging on the Video is perennial in nature, resonating with anyone who is or is planning to be a dad. The message is simple and straight forward; you mean the world to your family and you may not know it, but every little thing you do, goes a long way. Your role in loving and protecting your family is priceless. But have you made sure that they will be protected in future? Start thinking about it- close the protection gap. 
AIA worked with some delightful kids and their mums in arranging a surprise for their dads that left them in tears!  Despite accusations of Thathi ‘being lazy’, ‘watching too much TV’ or ‘dancing ballet dressed like a chicken’, you can’t miss the unadulterated adoration the kids have for their fathers and the gratitude they feel for everything he does for the family. 
AIA’s Head of Marketing Suren Perera said, “ as the real life company, we believe in helping people get closer to the ones they love the most and this was a touching endeavour in enabling kids to show their dads how much they love them, while giving the fathers the opportunity to realize how important they are to 
their families.”
He added, “we hardly have the time to think about the future or what our family would do if we are no longer around to protect them. This video is meant to make you think; to make you act towards closing the gap between the protection your family will have and the protection they will actually need, when you are no 
longer around.”
This video is a guaranteed tear jerker and thought provoker that will take you on an emotional journey of laughter and tears. 
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