NDB releases 2015 Annual Report themed ‘Yours’

National Development Bank PLC (NDB) released its Annual Report for the financial year 2015 themed “Yours”, to the Colombo Stock Exchange (CSE) recently. 

The Bank’s 11th Annual General Meeting is scheduled to be held on the 30 March 2016, subsequent to the release of the Annual Report. 

This year’s Report theme draws essence from NDB’s newly launched corporate tagline “Our Commitment. Your Success.” The Report is structured along the lines of how the Bank is committed to the betterment of all its stakeholders who join the Bank in its value creation process.

NDB’s Annual Reports are prepared in compliance with all applicable local accounting and regulatory guidelines, and in accordance with international best practices, prioritizing on the attributes of clarity, transparency and consistency. “Yours” is prepared in accordance with the integrated reporting guidelines of the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC). Sustainability reporting is presented as per Global Reporting Initiatives for Sustainability Reporting (GRI) – GRI G4 version, and as an ‘In accordance’ - Core guideline publication.

“YOURS” is a rich source of information on the Bank’s overall financial performance, corporate governance and risk management endeavors, the Bank’s strategic focus and the outlook for the future. 

Linking sound investor relations to the Bank’s Annual Report release, NDB rolled out an SMS campaign parallel to the Report release to the CSE. An SMS alert was sent to a wide range of recipients such the Bank’s shareholders, stock broking fraternity, etc., informing them of the Report’s release to the CSE, to promptly update them of the release. A short video briefing of the CEO of NDB, Rajendra Theagarajah was also released to YouTube, where he commented on the Bank’s way forward. 

“Yours” features ten powerful thematic pictures which complement and enhance the value creation story which the Report is relating to its readers. Living up to the concept of employee motivation, the Bank proudly acknowledges that all the people appearing in these photographs are the Bank’s own staff members and their children. 

Commenting on “Yours”, Faizan Ozman, the Group Chief Financial Officer of NDB mentioned that, the Bank has taken conscious efforts to maintain the connectivity and relevance of the Reports it produces over the years. There is clear connectivity amongst the Bank’s Reports, to quote a few Report themes from the recent past are “Size Matters” in 2013 and “Pushing the Pace in a Resurgent Sri Lanka” in 2014, which transformed to “Yours” in 2015. He also welcomed the public to view the new Report hosted on the Bank’s corporate website, in both PDF and an interactive HTML version.

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