HNB revamps Pathum Vimana rewards

Expanding on the its pioneering efforts to incentivize the savings habit, Sri Lanka’s most innovative bank, HNB PLC, called upon all of its customers to utilize its unprecedented new level of service offering to engage with the bank and ensure that they claim all the valuable rewards available to them with HNB Pathum Vimana Rewards  
Enjoying its breakthrough launch in 1993, HNB Pathum Vimana continues to offer unprecedented value for savings nearly a quarter of a century later. However HNB Assistant General Manager- Deposits and Remittances/ Chief Employee Experience Officer, Kalum Wijesooriya notes that despite its age, Pathum Vimana has continued to evolve parallel to the changes which the Sri Lankan economy and its people have witnessed over the past two decades.
“For us at HNB, Pathum Vimana continues to yield multifaceted benefits in that it allows us to not only develop the savings habit among our valued customers, but it also gives us an opportunity to deepen our relationships with them and help enhance some of the most important events in their life,” 
he stated.
Wijesooriya also emphasized that such benefits were open to the entirety of HNB’s customer base, irrespective of segments or size.    
Through Pathum Vimana rewards every HNB customer with a normal savings or current account that maintains a minimum deposit of Rs. 10,000 three months prior to any of the significant life events covered by the rewards scheme – including an account holder’s  21st birthday, university graduation, wedding day, childbirth, child’s first day in school, moving into a new home, purchasing a vehicle, 10th wedding anniversary, 55th birthday and hospitalization - will entitle customers to rewards of up to Rs. 100,000 in cash prizes.    
“To-date, Pathum Vimana stands as the most beneficial rewards package in Sri Lankan banking history and moving forward we are working hard to direct the evolution of Pathum Vimana to meet the changing needs of an increasingly digitally-oriented society. “At present, a customer need simply speak to their nearest HNB Customer Centre, or write to our deposit mobilization division to claim their rewards. 
“However moving forward, we also working to build new platforms that will enable a highly interactive new paradigm for customer relationships. These strategies are being developed in alignment with the tremendous improvements to HNB’s digital service offering and our customers can also look forward to more developments in this space in the near future,” Wijesooriya stated. 
Elaborating further on the strategic rationale driving the revamp of Pathum Vimana, HNB Chief Operating Officer, Dilshan Rodrigo stated: “We can proudly state that Pathum Vimana is able to offer unmatched value to the widest range of customers. This product represents the very first time in the Sri Lankan banking industry that absolutely all of our customers can be a winner, this is something which no other bank has yet been able to match, and moving forward our customers can expect numerous further initiatives aimed at adding further value under 
Pathum Vimana.”        
With 252 customer centres covering all 9 provinces of Sri Lanka, HNB is Sri Lanka’s premier retail sector bank. Having been recognized as the Best Retail Bank for nine years by the ‘The Asian Banker’, HNB today enjoys broad-based growth across all of its business areas, as evidenced by its record breaking financial performance in 2016. More recently the bank has undertaken an extensive digital transformation initiative that has already placed HNB in a leadership position in terms of technology enabled services in the Sri Lankan banking sector.   

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