Hayleys launches first pesticide-free termite protection system

A new paradigm in subterranean termite protection for buildings has been introduced to Sri Lanka by the Hayleys Group to offer an eco-friendly long-term solution for a problem that affects an estimated one in five houses in the country.

The unique product, branded ‘Novithor’ is the first pesticide-free, non-toxic termite protection system to become available in Sri Lanka. It builds granite-hard physical barriers that prevent termite infiltration for up to 50 years, a remarkable advancement to the existing chemical barrier products that offer protection for a tenth of the period through soil poisoning.

Patented and manufactured by the US-headquartered ENSYSTEX Inc., the new product offers a 20-year manufacturer’s warranty and comes in three elements -- a termite-proof resin, a termite-proof cementitious parge and a termite-proof flexi-Gel that can be applied to virtually any building.

All Novithor products will be represented and marketed in Sri Lanka by Hayleys Agriculture, which has more than five decades of experience in marketing crop, animal and home protection solutions. Three experienced specialist pest-control companies, Hayleys Pest Control Services, Finlay Rentokil and Suren Cooke Agencies have been appointed ‘Authorised Operators’ to install the Novithor products.

Presenting the technical aspects of the three Novithor products, ENSYSTEX Regional Director Steve Broadbent said the modern alternatives are all highly toxic poisons that can leach into the soil and water and breakdown in about five years, leaving the buildings vulnerable. Novithor on the other hand, is environmentally sound and has a life expectancy of 50 years. ENSYSTEX will pay up to Rs 2 million if subterranean termites enter a Novithor protected building within 20 years, he said.

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