Zurich roadshow to help Sri Lanka set record straight with West

By Shabiya Ali Ahlam
As the capital market is gearing up to come under fresh spotlight with the first roadshow for 2015 set to kick-off in Zurich end of this October, Colombo Stock Exchange (CSE) chief expressed strong confidence in the event allowing Sri Lanka to set its record straight with the West.

“Until recently we were blacklisted in some countries in the West due to the UNHRC issue, and its impact was felt by our capital market.  With the Zurich roadshow we are keen on showing them otherwise. It will serve as a platform for us to share first hand with their country officials and investors who we really are and are capable of,” CSE Chairman Vajira Kulatilaka told Mirror Business. 

Scheduled for 27 October, the one-day event which is the first ever to be organized in Zurich by Sri Lanka, will take place after the UN Human Rights Council session on Sri Lanka that is slated to take place end September.

“We have to rebrand and show them that this country is doing well. Failing to do so will not allow the capital market to develop. We need to meet the investors and share with them our policies, plans, and strategies. 

“Switzerland has private money in every corner; it is a financial center that has a lot of funds. However, due to the UNHRC issue it never looked at Sri Lanka. Now the situation is different and we choose to capitalise on that. We will ensure this is a continuous effort,” elaborated Kulatilaka.

Addressing the country presentation in Zurich will be top officials of the CSE, Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), and Cabinet members whose names are yet to be finalised.

The event will be followed by a detailed two-day roadshow in London that will be on 29 and 30 October. The CSE shared that so far 10 companies have confirmed their participation.

The late kick off of the capital market roadshow for 2015 was attributed to the uncertain political condition following the presidential elections in January and later the call for general elections in August.

While the country presentation and the roadshow are the only two promotional activities planned for the capital market this year, as winter holidays will commence soon after, Kulatilaka said plans are underway to facilitate at least three such events in 2016.

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