1st Of September To Go Down in Insurance History

In 2015 the Insurance Association of Sri Lanka (IASL) began a journey to gain national recognition to increase thespread of awareness about the value of Insurance. With the support of the Insurance Board of Sri Lanka (IBSL), the Marketing and Sales Forum ( MSF ) and the IASL sought the Government’s approval to declare the 1st of September National Insurance Day. 

Over the past two years the IASL has recognized and celebrated the month of September as, ‘Insurance Awareness Month’. Activation programs, media promotions, competitions etc. are organized and launched throughout the entire month in order to ensure the spread of Life and General Insurance awareness throughout the island. 

However, this year will see the entire industry celebrate a day officially dedicated to Insurance in Sri Lanka. The 1st of September 2017 will see leading members of the Insurance industry gather at the Independence Arcade in Colombo 07 for the official declaration ceremony of Sri Lanka’s first National Insurance Day. Presiding over the day’s events as Chief Guest will be the Chairperson of the IBSL, Mrs. Indrani Sugathadasa. Other dignitaries present will include; the Postmaster General, Mr. D.L.P Rohana Abeyratne, the Director General of the IBSL, Mrs. Damayanthi Fernando, the President of the IASL, Mr. Deepthi Lokuarachchi and the CEOs and MDs of Insurance companies in Sri Lanka. 

In honor of the occasion a commemorative stamp will be launched on the 1st of September at the ceremony at the Independence Arcade. Prior to the event the stamp will be officially presented to His Excellency President Maithripala Sirisena on the 31st of August. 

The IASL and the MSF have organized an extensive and widespread awareness campaign throughout September, includingcompetitions, sales promotions, media campaigns, activations and numerous other programs.  

“Given the very low level of penetration in Sri Lanka, the achievement of our goal to have the 1st of September declared National Insurance Day, is a tremendous achievement. It is a historic event that will be forever remembered among the Insurance community of Sri Lanka as well as the general public. Thus, serving as a means of increasing the influence of the industry and the spread of Insurance awareness throughout Sri Lanka”, stated the Chairman of the MSF, Mr. Hashra Weerawardena. 

“The primary responsibility of the Insurance advisor is to help people get back on their feet following some form of calamity and loss. However, this task has often proved difficult over the recent years due to the lack of awareness about the value of General and Life Insurance among the public. It is our fervent hope that by naming a day in honor of Insurance and spreading our message of awareness throughout the island, we may see a drastic improvement in the industry”, stated Mr. Deepthi     Lokuarachchi, the President of the IASL.

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