Wimal accuses PB for current crisis

Whenever Treasury Secretary Dr. P.B. Jayasundera formulated something he always created a crisis in the country, Minister Wimal Weerawansa charged yesterday.

“He was responsible for formulating the new electricity tariffs,” he said.

Speaking at a function in Piliyandala Central College Mr. Weerawansa charged that Dr. Jayasundera was someone who created crisis in the country and the new electricity tariff formula which charges less from the rich and more from the poor was formulated by Dr. Jayasundera.

“It was P.B. Jayasundera who created this new electricity tariff formula. If he formulates something, it always creates a crisis. That is why even the Cabinet brought this matter to the President. He formulated this method and said it was the best method but the President has realised that there are shortcomings in this method,” Mr. Weerawansa added.

“If the expanses of electricity consumption cannot be met totally by the government, a reasonable amount should be given to the people. But it should be fair. When the tariff was increased for the people who consume less electricity, they become helpless, they will have to switch off all the lights and live in the dark. The tariff must be increased for the people who consume more electricity not on the people who consume less,” he said.

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