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Mass grave in Kilinochchi

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By Romesh Madushanka

Jaffna District TNA Parliamentarian S. Sritharana claims he has seen a mass grave at Ganeshapuram in Kilinochchil and at least six bodies wrapped in black polythene bags were seen buried in it.

The parliamentarian said Kilinochchi District Judge S.Sivakumar and a doctor of the Kilinochchi government hospital visited the scene yesterday with a police team. He said a resident of the area who was cleaning the old toilet pit found the bodies and informed the Grama Niladhari and police.

Exhuming of the bodies was postponed for today in the absence of the Judicial Medical Officer (JMO). (Daily Mirror online)

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  • Monday, 31 May 2010 09:44 AM

    Alleged by some puppets in the LTTE payroll.

    Monday, 31 May 2010 08:38 AM

    I'm sorry.. I never gave money to LTTE nor I'm not a supporter.. I'm talking the truth.. I don't have to save anyone.. truth will be hard to accept..

    Monday, 31 May 2010 08:40 AM

    Don't try to brand everyone as terrorists.. try to understand what the SL gov did during the final stages of war.. which are alleged by many..

    Monday, 31 May 2010 08:45 AM

    These comments highlight there is a minority who do not want to accept the reality, humanity, brotherhood, tolerance, and mutual respect. then there is still a tiny minority who propagate the myth of seperation. May all Sri Lankans be united sheding all differences and live with love and respect to each other.

    Monday, 31 May 2010 08:45 AM

    Doesn't matter who's work. why don't you allow the investigators to conduct a free & fair investigation whithout anyones intereference.. then all of you comment here will have the answer. whether it was LTTE or Army

    Monday, 31 May 2010 08:46 AM

    The world know about the Heartless Buddhists..........remember July?

    Monday, 31 May 2010 08:46 AM

    this is called brotherhood in Sri lanka..

    Monday, 31 May 2010 08:53 AM

    this shows that your comments are baseless.. don't you remember that government released number of ex LTTEers who were disabled..? and there are lot of disabled who yet to be released.. read something to improve your knowledge

    Monday, 31 May 2010 09:06 AM

    If LTTE involvents is to mentioned then the autorities deals with Skeltons as one year passed since.

    These are decomposing bodies and must be under one year and so warrent a full criminal invetigations for which Police and the area judicial system will take care of and the criminals must be brought to books.

    Monday, 31 May 2010 09:08 AM

    No body is talking about seperation here.. it's about accountability.. you want us to tolerate when you kill innocents..? you want us to respect you when you don't ? all what you said is needed but after punishing the people who are responsible for such acts.. most of the Sinhalese people are kind, except a few like you..

    Monday, 31 May 2010 09:11 AM

    "which are alleged by many.."

    Here comes the goebbels theory

    Monday, 31 May 2010 09:18 AM

    Alleged by UN - i think it's enough to represent the entire world..

    Monday, 31 May 2010 09:37 AM

    It is definitely more than 10,000. They were not killed; just achieved eelam!

    Monday, 31 May 2010 09:38 AM

    They were the lucky ones who were wounded and captured by SLA in battles.

    Monday, 31 May 2010 09:40 AM

    6 or 600; terrorists are not human and have no human rights.

    Monday, 31 May 2010 09:43 AM

    Of course we understand well. They recued 300,000 innocent tamils held by LTTE at gun point.

    Monday, 31 May 2010 08:37 AM

    why dead bodies of soldiers have to be buried in toilet pit..? were they not honored or they didn't have any relatives to hand over? if there is an independant inquiry everything will come to light

    Monday, 31 May 2010 09:45 AM

    kavitha, I doubt whether any decomposed / mutilated bodies were handed over to the families during the heat of war! Definitely the injured whatever extent the injury was. Thousands of soldiers were killed in areas there was strong resistance by LTTE. Do you expect army to stop the war and start collecting all dead bodies???

    Monday, 31 May 2010 09:45 AM

    No doubt man. No doubt at all.

    Monday, 31 May 2010 09:46 AM

    Oooops! Those who fled to Jaffna returned back in no time took refuge in Buddhist temples.

    Monday, 31 May 2010 09:47 AM

    You mean by those in LTTE payroll?

    Monday, 31 May 2010 09:49 AM

    One country one nation. As long as you think you are differnt, you will never ever reconcile with the majority.

    Monday, 31 May 2010 09:51 AM

    Start building the 'accountability list' from Alfred Duraiappa.

    Monday, 31 May 2010 09:53 AM

    I don't agree. This particular one missed out in clearing mission...

    Monday, 31 May 2010 10:01 AM

    Do you mean to say that US is a puppet ?

    Monday, 31 May 2010 10:02 AM

    yes agree..they rescued the people from LTTE's gun and kept under their guns.. it's true

    Monday, 31 May 2010 10:02 AM

    Then what about others who say this is done by SLA ?? Are they wise according to you Mr. Shanshin ???

    Monday, 31 May 2010 10:02 AM suits to all who terrorise people..

    Monday, 31 May 2010 10:05 AM

    why not ? start from 1958..

    Monday, 31 May 2010 10:12 AM

    Do you mean to say that US is the whole world?

    Monday, 31 May 2010 10:18 AM

    work for future anthropologist such primitive people lived in Kilinocchi

    Monday, 31 May 2010 07:38 AM

    How would you know?

    Monday, 31 May 2010 06:02 AM

    Bodies could be missing Sri Lankan soldiers or innocent Tamils killed by LTTE since these areas were under LTTE control for almost 25 years.

    Monday, 31 May 2010 06:05 AM

    This may have been the only option that was available during war! Even the bodies of soldiers must also have been buried in a similar manner!

    Monday, 31 May 2010 06:15 AM

    The truth like oil will always surface.There will be more mass graves discovered as time goes by. Best of luck to the people who did this.

    Monday, 31 May 2010 06:23 AM

    This may be definitely Either our Soldiers or wounded LTTE terrorists.We Remember the news, before LTTE withdraw from Kilinochchi They shot All their wounded cadres who were in the Kilinochchi Hospital.

    Monday, 31 May 2010 06:28 AM

    Mass grave with just 6 bodies?

    Monday, 31 May 2010 06:29 AM

    Must be that of the guys who failed to pay taxes to the LTTE....

    Monday, 31 May 2010 06:41 AM

    Very exciting discovery!

    Monday, 31 May 2010 06:41 AM

    How long a dead body can last in decomposed stage? it must be with in one year.. so you might have the answer by now

    Monday, 31 May 2010 06:43 AM

    for you six lives are not seen as human life ? there are more like this to come

    Monday, 31 May 2010 06:43 AM


    Monday, 31 May 2010 06:49 AM

    They got the best of it by 20th May 2009

    Monday, 31 May 2010 07:01 AM

    TNA get a life!


    Monday, 31 May 2010 07:02 AM

    Strangely these things come out when the 14th session of the Human Rights Council (Geneva, 31 May-18 June 2010) is above to start. ...Last time it was a video..

    Monday, 31 May 2010 07:09 AM

    A mass grave eh?
    Must be of innocent Tamil civillians who opposed LTTE,before LTTE withdrawing from Kilinochchi to Puthukudirippu in late Dec'08.
    Om shakthi!

    Monday, 31 May 2010 06:00 AM

    still there is more to come......

    Monday, 31 May 2010 07:38 AM

    Who knows who the poor souls are. May they RIP at least now.

    Monday, 31 May 2010 07:43 AM

    Glad to see TNA exposing LTTE atrocities. Hopefully the West will note this.

    Monday, 31 May 2010 07:51 AM

    more than 10000 Ltte caders killed during the last war. so what do you expect. ?

    Monday, 31 May 2010 07:52 AM

    'There are more like this to come' - How do you know unless you had or still have strong links with the terrorists?

    Monday, 31 May 2010 07:54 AM

    This is all done by YOUR BELOVED LTTE. Once civillians reject to move with them, they might have killed them.

    Monday, 31 May 2010 07:55 AM


    Monday, 31 May 2010 08:03 AM

    Kilinochchi was under Army Control in 2008. Shame and Laugh. TNA you have the answers?? Think before you leap

    Monday, 31 May 2010 08:04 AM

    this is the result of people like you funding the LTTE. the money you sent to the LTTE was used to kill innocent tamils. open the black bags and see if kavitha's blood money is in there.

    Monday, 31 May 2010 08:05 AM

    Why, last year LTTE were refained from killing ????

    Monday, 31 May 2010 08:23 AM

    Everyone killed and buried in that part of the island Army's work? It was under LTTE for decades and why can't it be Tiger's work? Suddenly the Tigers have become saints!

    Monday, 31 May 2010 08:25 AM

    These comments highlights the fact that in SL Tamils and Sinhala can never live together. Two countries two nations

    Monday, 31 May 2010 08:31 AM

    Did you witness? Be wise man!

    Monday, 31 May 2010 08:32 AM

    Coz, Sri Lanka was, is a Killing Field!

    Monday, 31 May 2010 08:34 AM

    let the investigations find the truth.. But, in Sri Lanka, investigations are of no use..

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